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ya ty, <>

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I always hoped Q would explain Snowden more

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he's socialist/oppertunist

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he is deepstate CIA plant, from a family of deepstate - q gave him a chance to come clean - guessing he chose the latter

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I really like that [James Comey] theory 😏

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yup it fits alright

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He’s also all mixed up in and directing the Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele thing

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Running that dirty operation against Trump.

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His number should be coming up soon, that I know, lol.

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I didn’t know the relevance of that word re indictments. Interesting.

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4am fake news talking points coms <>

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Looks like someone removed it.

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Ya I expected that they would remove it. Now they don't have to bother burning books and rewriting them. You can now copy and past right over them on the internet.

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Darkness to light?

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Good thought ☝️

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it's another annoying control factor to change the time every yr since fdr every 6 months

2019-03-11 17:07:58 UTC  

no real reason for it in the information age

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Dustin NemosToday at 1:31 PM
The book has been pirated illegally (good) They will only make it bigger than I could have ever done.

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Oh noooooo muh shekels

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"I'm not u-upset, goy!"

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1208 Q
20 Apr 2018 - 10:12:34 PM
Over the target.
Expand further.
Open source.

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Never understood why that Mariah chick mattered so much. Besides the fact some anons prob want to fuck her

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Hmm q post 2:54 , Potus tweet 4:52 - they changing it up?

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My brain is toast today. Can someone ELI5

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Break it down for me

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Thanks in advance

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Drop is pretty self explanatory anon

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the only time the dems want illegals counted is at the voting place to vote for them

2019-03-14 01:28:40 UTC  

But wouldn’t their count on the census give more reps in the house and more funding from the feds?

2019-03-14 01:35:04 UTC  

More representatives in the house in the area they already control with votes. Who wouldn’t want that?

2019-03-14 01:43:19 UTC  

the census to include proof of citizenship means some areas might loose reps for having illegal voters

2019-03-14 02:44:41 UTC  

It is my belief (I could be wrong) that they are counting illegal citizens as part of the population and that is getting funding from the feds based off population. It can lead if counted to more reps in the house. I don’t think you loose reps for illegals and the illegals can get into trouble for voting illegally