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>google docs

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no thanks

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Are you foolish enough to not have a shitlord account?

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just upload the pdf to here silly

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@everyone give Faith your love. She's a good person. I met her personally, she needs our support.

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>most pro-israel star at our company

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I had the top comment at one point, but (((Ezra))) or one of his goons deleted it. I returned the favor with seven dislikes

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I was there when she went onto the krypto report. She knew what she was getting into

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Yeah I kinda had a feeling listening to that she was gonna get shoahed

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(((((((Ezra))))))) .. what a prick

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That's why she needs our support, she stuck her neck out

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She dindu nuffin. All she did was be impartial and objective. And that makes you a nazi in Weimerica

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one of us now one of us now

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On the flip side, maybe she'll be a reporter for daily Stormer. Lol idk

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lol well she maybe woke to the JQ now

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Most definitely

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Maybe, we need more women... I pray for more women on this side.

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She definetly knows about the JQ, she actually mentioned it briefly on Moly's show

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I pray for us all. These are hard times

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I will get my girl to join the discord then... she has a sharp political mind

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More women is a good thing... Once we have the women, we have the world

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"These radical leftists, these degenerates.
They see you absolutely no differently than they see me.
They see white skin, they see resistance to their regime, they see a racist, they see a Nazi, that is what you are to them.
The more you try to deny it, the more you prove them right." -- Jason Augustus

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@Kiwi Goy - that would be awesome.

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asked.. she is interested

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>She definetly knows about the JQ
Anyone who has ever worked for a jew does

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lol my wife works with a Jew... self red pilling situation that

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especially considering she just got jewed

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Great! Get her on! Ask @D'Marcus Liebowitz for a link

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will do... thanks Lisa