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2017-02-10 06:23:06 UTC  

@James_Coney - LA should've been an emu

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2017-02-10 06:23:42 UTC  

@ChancellorDid he end up keeping his job?

2017-02-10 06:23:52 UTC  

tfw left out

2017-02-10 06:24:12 UTC  

@Tee CA There was a massive backlash to the idea of losing it over here, so I think he did.

2017-02-10 06:25:29 UTC  

Well that's good. So do Australian chicks like Americans the same way USA girls love Aussies? @Chancellor

2017-02-10 06:25:44 UTC  

@Chancellor He almost knoched that kangaroo on it's ass

2017-02-10 06:26:05 UTC  

@Tee CA No, humour and personality is essential to sex/romance in australia.

2017-02-10 06:26:16 UTC  

@James_Coney - LA THAT'S WHY HE'S A HERO!

2017-02-10 06:26:41 UTC  

@Chancellorshit, well I'll just keep lifting until someone loves me then :"(

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@Tee CA Like, one of my friends looks like a chick, but he's a funny cunt so he's treated like a supermodel.
Shit like that constantly.

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watch out mane, kircheis isn't here to hold him back

2017-02-10 06:29:33 UTC  

Kirocheese can suck a nut.

2017-02-10 06:29:37 UTC  

He probably already does

2017-02-10 06:31:54 UTC  

Add me 2 vc

2017-02-10 06:32:27 UTC  

@Tee CA Actually... some of the Americanized girls here do like Americans.

They're almost universally fat, unpleasant and shit in taste though.

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/b/ is just a porn board now

2017-02-10 06:34:29 UTC  

it's dead

2017-02-10 06:35:09 UTC  

True true

2017-02-10 06:35:13 UTC  

@Chancellor Fuck not black enough to like grills like that.

2017-02-10 06:35:44 UTC  

@Tee CA That's another thing, our blacks are abos. So I've yet to find a girl who likes anything darker than greek.

2017-02-10 06:36:36 UTC  

1.Get personality
2. Move to Australia
4. Profit

2017-02-10 06:36:44 UTC  

Not gonna lie

2017-02-10 06:36:57 UTC  

Australian accents are a great way to get me in bed

2017-02-10 06:37:01 UTC  

@Tee CA Go on then, nothing stopping you.
Well except tight immigration laws.

2017-02-10 06:37:15 UTC  

@D3VNT Good luck getting them!

2017-02-10 06:37:27 UTC  

add me into the poll Lol

2017-02-10 06:37:29 UTC  

Already have!

2017-02-10 06:37:37 UTC  

Aussie guy came to Dallas

2017-02-10 06:37:45 UTC  

Was a great weekend

2017-02-10 06:38:13 UTC  

@Chancellor I'll convert to Islam and apply for refugee status

2017-02-10 06:38:23 UTC  

@Tee CA Fuck off we're full.

2017-02-10 06:38:33 UTC  

We stopped the boats.

2017-02-10 06:38:34 UTC  

Feel free to come to the US

2017-02-10 06:38:36 UTC  

For liberty

2017-02-10 06:38:38 UTC  

And shit

2017-02-10 06:38:44 UTC  

@Chancellor Even for Huwhite muzzies?