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2017-08-27 14:50:37 UTC  

I just wanted to challenge your perception that NS is the only form of government worth resurrecting

2017-08-27 14:50:52 UTC  

I'm doing fine Rabi, sorry I don't come on too often. Got a job and all that.

2017-08-27 14:50:52 UTC  

No ones saying that

2017-08-27 14:50:54 UTC  

Honestly, I'm not trying to shill anything

2017-08-27 14:51:19 UTC  

Glad, you got a job, I was worried you would turn into Wyatt!

2017-08-27 14:51:32 UTC  

I haven't seen anyone say that NS is the only form of government worth resurrection

2017-08-27 14:51:33 UTC  

Wyatt is a fucking retard

2017-08-27 14:51:33 UTC  

This discussion doesn't seem too off base. It's certainly an interesting topic.

2017-08-27 14:51:52 UTC  

No but they imply it's the only option, they are dedicated to it, especially the larpers

2017-08-27 14:51:52 UTC  

I get where you're going with it. I agree to disagree on the pros and cons of national socialism. The best thing to do is to actually have a nation first

2017-08-27 14:52:06 UTC  

And then discuss the level socialism it has once we have said nation

2017-08-27 14:52:17 UTC  


2017-08-27 14:52:19 UTC  

There is really no point in arguing governmental systems at this stage

2017-08-27 14:52:24 UTC  

^ I agree

2017-08-27 14:52:30 UTC  


2017-08-27 14:52:35 UTC  

We must take control of our nations first

2017-08-27 14:52:35 UTC  


2017-08-27 14:52:49 UTC  

then I will have the Natsocs shot

2017-08-27 14:52:51 UTC  


2017-08-27 14:52:54 UTC  

I would prefer to live in an all White society with economic polices benefiting our people. I'm not sure how that government would look but I imagine it would be similar to NS.

2017-08-27 14:52:59 UTC  

Not if we have you shot first

2017-08-27 14:53:07 UTC  

there's less of you

2017-08-27 14:53:09 UTC  

We aren't going to control our land soon

2017-08-27 14:53:20 UTC  

Yeah but I'm not a defenseless bong

2017-08-27 14:53:26 UTC  

There's at least another 8 years left

2017-08-27 14:53:39 UTC  

I could easily get a gun if I wanted

2017-08-27 14:53:40 UTC  

I agree. Basically any pro white government with social benefits is going to basically be NS

2017-08-27 14:53:46 UTC  

By another name

2017-08-27 14:53:50 UTC  

Other than a shotgun?

2017-08-27 14:53:50 UTC  


2017-08-27 14:53:55 UTC  

TBH it is liekly the system will collapse and we will have a situation similar to Russia betweem the fall of Romanovs and USSR.

2017-08-27 14:54:04 UTC  

I could get a shotgun or a rifle or a pistol

2017-08-27 14:54:07 UTC  

I'm not overly familiar with UK gun laws, honestly

2017-08-27 14:54:25 UTC  

it's very regulated but it is possible to get a gun

2017-08-27 14:54:28 UTC  

He could get a peashooter in the UK

2017-08-27 14:54:30 UTC  

@Wraff they're super cucked

2017-08-27 14:54:32 UTC  

I don't get the shotgun meme, you could get pretty good guns here from any gun shop

2017-08-27 14:54:51 UTC  

The law is just really fidgety about it

2017-08-27 14:54:59 UTC  

All I ever hear in reference to British people owning guns is something about "shotgun licenses"

2017-08-27 14:55:02 UTC  

semi auto is verboten, everything is supervised by the nanny state

2017-08-27 14:55:03 UTC  

So I assume shotguns are more common