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@spadegunner Spade, have you ever seen someone do something like... They want to say the name of a pet and they call it by another pet's name? Maybe repeatedly before they get to the right name?

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@Icarus that real?

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What that probably is is their monkey brain is using language in a more primitive way, right? The name is associated with "pet."

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never heard of redpolitics

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One my mum does is she calls me by my dad's name by accident if I'm pissing her off.

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Some of them, I'm sure, are good people

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Her monkey brain treats my dad's name as "relative that is pissing me off."

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Maybe* @Barcode

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@spadegunner My point is it's not to teach niggers English. Pidgin is their natural level of language comprehension, they revert back to it. You've seen the Hawaii Pidgin Bible, right? Different people but similar language.

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BBC "Pidgin" reads just like the nigger talk in a couple of James Bond novels

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From 60 years ago

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Mountain of Dirty

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Make you no vex, you go nid Flash to fit play dis

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When I read pidgin on BBC

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If those two articles are the ones I think they are they talk about how Africans have a more primitive thinking expressed in their language.

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eg. They could tell you fruit is up in a tree but not halfway up.

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There's no word to say it is a little bit up or far up.

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And mentions how when whitey translated their nigger languages they really gave them too much credit.

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Like, there was no word in one language for promising that you will do something. Becauses Africans don't really believe in being obligated to do something.

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What's a Mamzer?

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A jewish bastard

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@Vic_Mackey 's favorite term

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A mamzer in modern Jewish culture is someone who is either born out of adultery by a married Jewish woman and a Jewish man who is not her husband, or born out of incest (as defined by the Bible), or someone who has a mamzer as a parent.

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