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2017-08-31 22:38:41 UTC  

the beaners at my job were watching something trump did today

2017-08-31 22:38:47 UTC  

and were happy, which means it was bad

2017-08-31 22:38:49 UTC  

It makes me want to go full bowl cut

2017-08-31 22:39:30 UTC  

tatical bowl cuts are a must

2017-08-31 22:39:41 UTC  

if u dont have one, you are not ready for the race war

2017-08-31 22:40:14 UTC  

this dude could cuck trump I think

2017-08-31 22:40:16 UTC  


2017-08-31 22:40:26 UTC  

(((Mark Zuckerberg))) Mark Zuckerberg or Priscilla Chan on Facebook

2017-08-31 22:40:41 UTC  

cant block em of facebook

2017-08-31 22:40:42 UTC  


2017-08-31 22:41:12 UTC  

Me: "blacks are violent"
white shitlib: "no they aren't, everyone is equal, we should all live together in peace & harmony"

2017-08-31 22:41:36 UTC  


2017-08-31 22:43:56 UTC  

I was going to say 'niggers are so fucking stupid' but that's like saying water is wet

2017-08-31 22:44:59 UTC  

Shkreli is an Albanian

2017-08-31 22:45:02 UTC  

he's trolling

2017-08-31 22:45:20 UTC  

yeah I saw the initial post a day or two ago on POL it is what it is

2017-08-31 22:45:27 UTC  

if he is kill well, maybe he wasnt trolling

2017-08-31 22:45:38 UTC  

regardless, is what it is

2017-08-31 22:48:53 UTC  

Me: "blacks are violent"

Shitlib: "I bet you wouldn't go into a black neighborhood and say that"

2017-08-31 22:49:00 UTC  


2017-08-31 22:51:42 UTC  

Vice is such ass aids lately

2017-08-31 22:51:45 UTC  

more so than usual

2017-08-31 22:52:25 UTC  

The Fuck?

2017-08-31 22:52:39 UTC  

wasn't it already?

2017-08-31 22:52:48 UTC  

the state appealed it and won

2017-08-31 22:53:02 UTC  


2017-08-31 23:00:14 UTC  
2017-08-31 23:01:49 UTC  

Thats exasctly what they said.

2017-08-31 23:02:43 UTC  

Me: "blacks are violent"
Blacks: "I'll beat your ass if you say that again honkey."

2017-08-31 23:02:54 UTC  

@Commodvs Detritvs same name, different girl

2017-08-31 23:03:05 UTC  

believe it or not theres more than 1 heather heyer

2017-08-31 23:04:42 UTC  

@St. Frexit I kind of figured that this would happen. They are trying to silence Cantwell forever and make and example for anyone whomst ever dares to be edgy and defend themselves from violent communists.

2017-08-31 23:05:24 UTC  

It's not gonna work. But cantwell is gonna be writing his book now.

2017-08-31 23:09:12 UTC  

"My Struggle with the NAP"

2017-08-31 23:11:50 UTC  

@Zorost But in german so it's a Hoppe reference

2017-08-31 23:13:12 UTC  
2017-08-31 23:14:19 UTC  

how do you die from being hit up onto the hood of the car tho at a slow speed