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>community group focused on addressing racial inequality

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i love the narratives in that little part

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all of them

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I'm at work. Wish I could talk with y'all goys more.

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lol the goyim know

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this is the face of vogue

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The commonwealth appealed the bond decision, arguing Cantwell could be a flight risk to the community. After a long back and forth battle between the defense and commonwealth during another hearing Thursday afternoon, a judge ruled that Cantwell is a flight risk because he has no ties to the Virginia area, and his hate speech makes him a threat to others. The decision came down a little before 7 p.m.

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> his hate speech makes him a threat to others

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Did I just miss CTK?

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thats a load of bullshit

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Welcome to Australia

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lol yep

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literal weapons against the nation

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What Jews do best

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that is nuts

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I wish that were my state, I'd go to see what happens if it was

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Australia is full of fun laws!

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@Kiwi Goy European magpies are, ours aren't.

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I remember flicking the tv on and all news channels were covering magpie season

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if this goes through i expect dead judges all over australia

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More dangerous than drop bears m88s

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Swooping season, caf

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Anyone remember that ad with the CGI magpie? I can't remember what it was for, insulation or something.

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Remember the magpie didn't look right? Colours in the wrong spots.

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@ARA1788 - get in voice mate

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Because they must have told some Chinese studio they wanted an animated magpie and they did the European magpie.

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I've infilitrated a gay marriage discord