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2017-09-01 21:37:46 UTC  

watch the timestamp

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2017-09-01 21:42:23 UTC  

are they actually poking fun at antifa

2017-09-01 21:42:24 UTC  

tekken officially belongs to the alt right

2017-09-01 21:42:31 UTC  

god that guy has a gay voice

2017-09-01 21:42:36 UTC  

hes a blakc jew

2017-09-01 22:05:13 UTC  

@badtanman I thought John Liebovitz was annoying but the nig that replaced him is worse

2017-09-01 22:05:33 UTC  

it's a nigkike

2017-09-01 22:05:51 UTC  

the worst of both worlds, an uppity subversive numale

2017-09-01 22:05:55 UTC  

I don't think I've ever so many boomer cuckservatives go after someone as much as they're going after Jason Kessler.

2017-09-01 22:07:03 UTC  

The guy has thousands of Dinesh D'Souza fans telling him he's a "democrat paid actor, deep state plant" and all sorts of wild accusations. Obviously their attacks are completely weak and meaningless, it's just quite the spectacle.

2017-09-01 22:07:52 UTC  

the daily show is church for the urbanite

2017-09-01 22:09:22 UTC  

The ruralite is often just as bad as the urbanite, by the way. Not much more resistant to poz or degeneracy at all. In some ways even more likely to engage in it.

2017-09-01 22:09:34 UTC  

Coming from a lifelong ruralite.

2017-09-01 22:09:41 UTC  

@erz1871 dont talk about dmarcus like that.

2017-09-01 22:10:01 UTC  

@erz1871 I can't wait til cable dies.

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2017-09-01 22:12:21 UTC  

This is the average Desouza listener.

2017-09-01 22:12:41 UTC  

So the bugman meme is just the carl the cuck physiognomy?

2017-09-01 22:12:49 UTC  

A boomer thot who loves to claim DR3 at our people.

2017-09-01 22:13:54 UTC  

Why can't people like this learn to stay out of the way?

2017-09-01 22:15:08 UTC  

@Hector Christcuckism the physignomy. I bet she has angel wings tattoos and a child named "nevaeh."

2017-09-01 22:17:29 UTC  

I've always been sympathetic to Christians who are naive on issues of race, but they need to learn to not stick their nose in places it doesn't belong. No one needs the opinion of Covfefe Cindy on who is or isn't a "racist democrat paid actor"

2017-09-01 22:17:44 UTC  

The sooner they learn this, the better.

2017-09-01 22:19:03 UTC  

what is dr3?

2017-09-01 22:19:14 UTC  

Those people are very mean deviation IQ and just don't know any better

2017-09-01 22:19:23 UTC  

Dems are the real racists

2017-09-01 22:19:26 UTC  

Democrats are "da" real racists

2017-09-01 22:20:53 UTC  

I just wish they had the sense to know that they don't really belong anymore. The right now embraces identity politics, whether they like it or not. They can't stop it.

2017-09-01 22:21:55 UTC  

@CuckTheKikes but it's expanded to "anyone who really makes the left angry or talks about icky stuff while claiming to be right wing is a paid soros actor."

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2017-09-01 22:22:24 UTC  

God there is so many people I wish I could choke to death over the internet

2017-09-01 22:22:45 UTC  

Why don't they just come out as social conservative liberals?

2017-09-01 22:22:57 UTC  

Some fucking fag from middle school is all hur hur no blm or nahzis helping people in Houston bla bla dr3

2017-09-01 22:23:07 UTC  

You sell amway you fucking retard go home

2017-09-01 22:23:27 UTC  

Takes photos in front of expensive cars like range rovers and like it's on the wish list!

2017-09-01 22:23:34 UTC  

"I'm a liberal but I hate gays" vs "I'm a liberal but I hate niggers"

2017-09-01 22:24:04 UTC  

Have fun being broke your whole live spending your money on shit that just depreciates like a rock

2017-09-01 22:24:24 UTC  

How does he know our guys aren't in the Guard or emergency workers?