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2017-09-01 23:13:55 UTC  

meanwhile they didnt burn the commie filth they gave us in all the other classes

2017-09-01 23:14:12 UTC  

book burnings are just

2017-09-01 23:14:31 UTC  

I'm in Sociology this year, it's literally a Pro-Marx class, they tell us this day 1

2017-09-01 23:15:09 UTC  

did you ask them how many people have to starve until socialism works?

2017-09-01 23:15:23 UTC  

our entire focus is around Marx and Max Weber

2017-09-01 23:15:37 UTC  

No, see they sidestep the entire economic model

2017-09-01 23:15:40 UTC  

very smart

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2017-09-01 23:16:04 UTC  

they say, "we are not here to discuss communism, we dont know if it works yet"

2017-09-01 23:16:15 UTC  

<:noose:283798031592062977> 🤔

2017-09-01 23:16:57 UTC  

Instead, they focus on the core of Marx's social theory, which is that class struggle creates social conflict, but classes in sociology are divided up by race/gender/shitdick preferences/

2017-09-01 23:17:43 UTC  

There's a rally today to protect the founding figures of Australia, wish me luck fam

2017-09-01 23:17:47 UTC  

will take photos/video

2017-09-01 23:18:05 UTC  

Max Weber is the core of this class since he spearheaded sociology, Marx is like the founder

2017-09-01 23:18:20 UTC  

Good luck

2017-09-01 23:18:27 UTC  

do you pay money for this "education"?

2017-09-01 23:18:31 UTC  

I do

2017-09-01 23:18:38 UTC  

<:oven:283520357028069376> 🤔

2017-09-01 23:19:05 UTC  

trying to get an easy degree so i can have a 3.7+ GPA for a good law school transfer

2017-09-01 23:19:45 UTC  

really fucking hard to get a 3.7+ with classes that require hard work

2017-09-01 23:20:42 UTC  

Sociology is easy and if youre JQ aware its fun to see things from their view, highly recommend it

2017-09-01 23:21:10 UTC  

If this guy gets caught his life is over

2017-09-01 23:21:30 UTC  

What that guy did to Baked was way worse than what Cantwell did

2017-09-01 23:23:53 UTC  

They'll find him

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oh shit new shoah

2017-09-01 23:25:25 UTC  

Listening now

2017-09-01 23:25:40 UTC  

Bad lifting advice from Sven

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Don't try it at home goys

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@here hey goys, my twitter got gassed this morning for pointing out the coincidence of niggers and jews, I'm back with a new account

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I just sent a follow request

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@Arch Dornan Fuck twitter, go to Gab

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I sent u a request nibba

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Twitter is a stinking place dominated by liberal traitors and needs to be digitally gassed

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@halafradrimx I am there too, twitter is for hostile activities

2017-09-01 23:27:12 UTC  

I use Twitter for recruitment and exposure

2017-09-01 23:27:18 UTC  

Gab is S A F E though

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@Arch Dornan As a suggestion, then, I recommend you bring people to

Let's kill mainstream platforms

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@Arch Dornan P.S : Give me yo gab nibba, I wanna follow ya

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@Arch Dornan sent a follow request.