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2017-09-02 15:56:13 UTC  

hurr muh political theories are relevant to defending myself against rabid unwashed commie faggots

2017-09-02 15:57:36 UTC  

No more events in fag towns

2017-09-02 15:59:06 UTC  

Another lesson learned, the adage that negative publicity is good thing is no longer true.

2017-09-02 16:02:51 UTC  

well the publicity is gonna be negative no matter what the point is not to give them the rope to hang you, 99% of media is chomping at the bit to paint a dude holding an american flag as a notsee white supreemist so don't hold a fucking swastika flag

2017-09-02 16:03:09 UTC  

activate their jewish paranoia and you'll get the normies on your side

2017-09-02 16:04:13 UTC  


2017-09-02 16:04:42 UTC  

5 guys in jail on our side only from cville

2017-09-02 16:05:28 UTC  

Can't find any jailed from Pikesville, which did have plenty of nice flags brandished.

2017-09-02 16:05:37 UTC  

The difference is the town.

2017-09-02 16:07:08 UTC  

imagine thinking pikesville convinced anyone to join our side

2017-09-02 16:09:01 UTC  

@northern_confederate Yankee faggot ignores evidence. Imagine that!

2017-09-02 16:09:18 UTC  

hes a confederate you idiot

2017-09-02 16:09:26 UTC  

sorry can't hear you over the mariachi bands

2017-09-02 16:09:26 UTC  

You too

2017-09-02 16:09:44 UTC  

im from the south

2017-09-02 16:09:49 UTC  

(of rhode island)

2017-09-02 16:09:59 UTC  

bet u fuck ur sister lol

2017-09-02 16:11:01 UTC  

instead of typing some gay reply try living in a better state

2017-09-02 16:11:17 UTC  

give him time to respond southerners arent known for their intellect

2017-09-02 16:11:27 UTC  

No point is discussing the fine points with those who ignore the obvious. Make an argument, I'm anon so I'm not a point of discussion.

2017-09-02 16:12:04 UTC  

The point of positive or negative effects after the event.

2017-09-02 16:12:08 UTC  

so do you actively encourage your local girls to get raped by feral niggers (aka feet ball players) or do you just cheerlead

2017-09-02 16:12:28 UTC  

Again, no point made.

2017-09-02 16:12:32 UTC  


2017-09-02 16:12:38 UTC  

shouldn't you be drowning rn

2017-09-02 16:13:00 UTC  

Change the subject lads, that sure will work.

2017-09-02 16:13:24 UTC  

If we want to speak on states, sure let's do that.

2017-09-02 16:13:57 UTC  

ok when you rinse out the semen let's talk

2017-09-02 16:14:00 UTC  

Texas is the only reason there's still any right wing in this country. We have one party rule.

2017-09-02 16:14:13 UTC  


2017-09-02 16:14:39 UTC  

These other "white" states fight for fags and drug users.

2017-09-02 16:14:39 UTC  

i mean i guess we can ignore the other red states i guess

2017-09-02 16:15:14 UTC  

@badtanman what's an electorate? Like how's that even real nigga?

2017-09-02 16:15:28 UTC  

im a POC i dont need to educate you

2017-09-02 16:15:32 UTC  

This is again pointless

2017-09-02 16:16:03 UTC  

does being gay inhibit you from forming a coherent point

2017-09-02 16:16:06 UTC  

Y'all go back to bowl cut posting, that totally creates power on the right.

2017-09-02 16:16:06 UTC  
2017-09-02 16:16:17 UTC  

the bowl cut poster is from the south

2017-09-02 16:16:27 UTC  

also hes a liar