Message from Australopithecus Jordan in Cascadian Coffee Company #operations

2017-05-17 19:15:40 UTC  

Nighttime book burn

2017-05-17 19:15:44 UTC  

Burn a like flag

2017-05-17 19:15:48 UTC  


2017-05-17 19:16:05 UTC  

But then people will call us names. That scares me.

2017-05-17 19:16:06 UTC  

Bonfire with swastikas in the background

2017-05-17 19:16:16 UTC  

Hanging in trees

2017-05-17 19:16:23 UTC  


2017-05-17 19:16:41 UTC  

Or get super fascist flags like we discussed

2017-05-17 19:16:50 UTC  

But b b b but names.

2017-05-17 19:16:54 UTC  

Video everything

2017-05-17 19:17:09 UTC  


2017-05-17 19:17:50 UTC

2017-05-17 19:18:22 UTC  

Maybe we can set it up for weekend after this one coming up? Can we have it somewhere that we can get the <@&304026151402340355> to attend?

2017-05-17 19:18:24 UTC  


2017-05-17 19:18:24 UTC

2017-05-17 19:18:59 UTC  

THEY WILL CALL YOU NAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2017-05-17 19:19:25 UTC  

(Boomer posting for KEK)

2017-05-17 19:19:27 UTC  

What names? They can call us Nazis but where are the swastikas?

2017-05-17 19:19:44 UTC  

Get the confederate flag too

2017-05-17 19:20:01 UTC  

Lib's think its the American swastika

2017-05-17 19:20:15 UTC  

What if they think we are ra ra ra racist???? I don't think I could take that kind of criticism.

2017-05-17 19:20:18 UTC  

Nazi posting subversively

2017-05-17 19:20:33 UTC  

Hahahaha oy vey goy

2017-05-17 19:20:44 UTC  

Phone corrects to soy vey

2017-05-17 19:20:54 UTC  


2017-05-17 19:21:25 UTC  

Full fash for book burning. Burn (((soy))) based foods as well.

2017-05-17 19:22:39 UTC  

Masks for those who need.

2017-05-17 19:23:38 UTC  

Go atomwaffen for it

2017-05-17 19:31:22 UTC  

Add tiki torches for increased aesthetic power, and to illuminate flags.

2017-05-17 20:00:52 UTC  

@Jimmy Marr 12:30 is correct

2017-05-17 20:01:25 UTC  

if the weather forecast is wrong, they have a different plan in mind

2017-05-17 20:01:46 UTC  

we'd do noon in that case

2017-05-17 20:02:40 UTC  

What's parking like around there? I'd like to get the truck into position for maximum butthurt.

2017-05-17 20:03:17 UTC  

Getting things for the fire

2017-05-17 20:04:16 UTC  

I'm adding "Boycott - Divest - Sanction" subscript to the "UNjEW" motif.

2017-05-17 20:04:45 UTC  

I'll try to use little blue stars a bullet points

2017-05-17 20:05:06 UTC  

blue jew stars

2017-05-17 20:06:01 UTC

2017-05-17 20:06:36 UTC  

one side of the park is bordered by Monroe, lots of parking, but it's right across the street from the library so usually busy

2017-05-17 20:07:52 UTC  

they'll probably park there to unload stuff for their fair

2017-05-17 20:08:26 UTC  

I wonder if Fourteen could get down there early and reserve me a spot by parking his rig in it until we're ready to start dropping memetic bombs.