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2017-04-16 01:54:50 UTC  

@DatGoy what is your Twitter handle?

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2017-04-16 01:59:03 UTC  

Where did you get the invite for this channel?

2017-04-16 01:59:32 UTC  

Chad said the bad goyim hang out here

2017-04-16 01:59:39 UTC  


2017-04-16 02:00:27 UTC  

Good to meet you. You in school?

2017-04-16 02:00:59 UTC  

Likewise. That's one word for it

2017-04-16 02:02:40 UTC  

Datgoy confirmed as good goy

2017-04-16 02:04:18 UTC  

Good stuff

2017-04-16 02:05:00 UTC  

Our Discord is best Discord

2017-04-16 02:07:00 UTC  

look at these faggots licking their wounds

2017-04-16 02:07:53 UTC  

Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahah they're slowly realizing they don't have a chance.

2017-04-16 02:08:31 UTC  

It's difficult to troll on Reddit anymore. Last time I got banned within 3 comments

2017-04-16 03:13:50 UTC  

they're all being heavyhanded since we started winning the culture war

2017-04-16 03:14:48 UTC  

Which subreddits are good to read for laughs nowadays?

2017-04-16 05:39:07 UTC  

perfect grrl power musical choice withPat Benatar

2017-04-16 17:23:21 UTC  

I love how this has been set up

2017-04-16 17:23:53 UTC  

Yeah Discord is awesome for groups like this

2017-04-16 17:24:25 UTC  

Someone set up the chats just ad I would have

2017-04-16 17:24:45 UTC  

You can thank Uber for that...
Who is @Gammadio ?

2017-04-16 17:25:05 UTC  

Not from my server

2017-04-16 17:25:30 UTC  

Ill buy Uber a beer when he returns

2017-04-16 17:25:44 UTC  

Since we're close.geographically

2017-04-16 22:14:55 UTC  

Some nigger is live streaming a shooting spree

2017-04-16 22:17:13 UTC  

Reports that he's killed 15 so far today

2017-04-16 22:22:11 UTC  

Other links?

2017-04-16 22:23:30 UTC  

I'm getting updates via the DS server

2017-04-16 22:25:02 UTC  
2017-04-16 22:43:40 UTC  

@Eviee_PNW if we don't know you from another forum or group DM pls give us a brief introduction and present participant who can vouch, thanks.

2017-04-16 22:43:56 UTC  

Same goes for @Gammadio

2017-04-16 22:46:10 UTC  

Uhh, still trying to figure this out a little. Eva from the Kaskadian Koffee chat...saw your reminder yesterday after being MIA for a bit...mostly silent lurker, learning the ways of the goyim 😃

2017-04-16 22:47:08 UTC  

Awesome. Thank you. And welcome!

2017-04-16 22:47:44 UTC  

Thank you!

2017-04-16 22:48:09 UTC  

How do I change my avatar?

2017-04-16 22:48:13 UTC  

I'm unofficially bird dogging the participants here 😉

2017-04-16 22:49:46 UTC  

Oh, found it. nvm. Good practice BH, those who matter wont mind and those who dont mind wont matter.

2017-04-16 22:49:51 UTC  

You on a smartphone? If so slide the chat to the right, 'click' on the gear icon in the lower right corner, it's under account