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2017-04-22 16:16:00 UTC  

huwhite is right

2017-04-22 16:16:16 UTC  

good contrast with antifa too

2017-04-22 16:16:19 UTC  

No white shirts. Too Nordic resistance

2017-04-22 16:16:25 UTC  

I think green could be nice for Oregon.

2017-04-22 16:17:02 UTC  

White would be easiest to distinguish from enemafa

2017-04-22 16:17:29 UTC  

What about grey?

2017-04-22 16:17:46 UTC  

Grey shirts, black pants?

2017-04-22 16:17:55 UTC  

Nordic resistance doesn't get a monopoly on White shirts lol. In that case niggers already monopolized muh white tee. Lol

2017-04-22 16:18:02 UTC  

For urban, for forest tan or OD green?

2017-04-22 16:18:48 UTC  

I do like the gray and black look, my concern is that we need to be distinguished in a conflict.

2017-04-22 16:18:55 UTC  

The white shirts have turned off every normie I show the NRM to

2017-04-22 16:19:16 UTC  

they just really don't like white shirts?

2017-04-22 16:19:16 UTC  

They say it looks culty

2017-04-22 16:19:26 UTC  

I don't want fight my own team.

2017-04-22 16:19:32 UTC  


2017-04-22 16:19:48 UTC  

Tan is awful for urban use

2017-04-22 16:19:59 UTC  

But I have all tan combat gear

2017-04-22 16:20:44 UTC  

OD green pants with Grey button down shirts

2017-04-22 16:21:10 UTC  

I like OD green better than tan for sure. Gray and black is my original thought as well, I just want to be sure it will be different enough from gaylords.

2017-04-22 16:21:26 UTC  

Tan is so...Nazi tho

2017-04-22 16:21:58 UTC  

would khakis and black shirts with armband be enough?

2017-04-22 16:22:25 UTC  

Grey shirts with green pants may be cool. I'll try it out today, see how it feels.

2017-04-22 16:22:36 UTC  

Boots or shoes?

2017-04-22 16:23:18 UTC  

I think black shirts is not preferable because in conflict you will be focused mostly on upper body of opponents. Too likely for confusion.

2017-04-22 16:23:31 UTC  

I think boots or shoes is personal choice

2017-04-22 16:23:41 UTC  

We could do all Grey with tan combat boots?

2017-04-22 16:24:26 UTC  

For action. Suit wise, Grey shirts, black pants and tie

2017-04-22 16:24:39 UTC  

I like vans sk8 high pro series shoes. Lots of ankle support, lightweight, good for fighting, all around very supportive.

2017-04-22 16:24:41 UTC  

I'm bad at this

2017-04-22 16:24:58 UTC  

Ties are for cucks, it is literally a leash.

2017-04-22 16:25:16 UTC

2017-04-22 16:25:42 UTC  

Ties are fashy

2017-04-22 16:25:50 UTC  

Tuck them in

2017-04-22 16:26:01 UTC  

Go for a 1935 look

2017-04-22 16:26:32 UTC  

Those steel toe? That's the advantage I see of boots vs shoes. If you are a kicker. I'm not big into kicking.

2017-04-22 16:26:53 UTC  

No. They are 670-1 compliant for mil use

2017-04-22 16:27:06 UTC  

Just durable as FUCK

2017-04-22 16:27:11 UTC  


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2017-04-22 16:28:24 UTC  

Shit it didn't post the picture....