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2016-09-28 04:34:37 UTC  

Just watched, good show man

2016-09-28 04:46:32 UTC  


2016-09-28 04:48:46 UTC  

I'm watching it now lol nice shades and earphones

2016-09-28 04:49:12 UTC  

i got my MAGA hat on, essential nationalist gear

2016-09-28 04:49:34 UTC  

Ya was gonna ask is that so ur identity can remain semi anonymous?

2016-09-28 04:50:19 UTC  

Or the sun was very bright in his room!

2016-09-28 04:52:21 UTC  

yeah, to keep a little bit of anonymity. "plausible deniability"

2016-09-28 04:53:24 UTC  


2016-09-28 05:59:50 UTC  

Wow this blanche europe movement is very similar to us, they use echo symbols and everything

2016-09-28 06:00:23 UTC  

I'm 115 into your interview

2016-09-28 06:00:30 UTC  


2016-09-28 15:28:31 UTC  

I rewatched it and I'm annoyed at how twitchy and fidgety I am

2016-09-28 15:28:50 UTC  

i'll need to work on that

2016-09-28 15:31:11 UTC  

Not too bad, just a little bit of excessive mouth movement. Was it your first video interview?

2016-09-28 15:37:22 UTC  


2016-09-28 15:37:27 UTC  

i usually do radio only

2016-09-28 15:37:40 UTC  

so i wasn't conscious of my physical movements and posture

2016-09-28 15:38:02 UTC  

It really wasn't bad man don't worry about it

2016-09-28 15:38:26 UTC  

I only thought about it after you mentioned it

2016-09-28 15:43:11 UTC  

I'm very strict with myself. you gotta be if you want to improve. always compare yourself to the strictest standards

2016-09-29 01:40:09 UTC  

Sitting in front of a computer doing nothing but chatting for 2 hours must also be a pain.

2016-09-29 01:40:47 UTC  

Yeah you're right Zeiger

2016-09-29 03:31:00 UTC  

So it's a thing now, we're doing the Google for nignogs and Skypes for kykes?

2016-09-29 03:36:29 UTC  

Haha yeah i hope it rly catches on

2016-09-29 05:05:27 UTC  

Zeiger how do you feel about the NWO: Communism through the back door documentary series

2016-09-29 16:35:38 UTC  

haven't seen them

2016-09-29 16:37:12 UTC  

The documentary shows how politics, culture and everything has been corrupted by the jews, and how we are influenced by them in everyday life

2016-09-29 16:37:34 UTC  

It's a 21 part documentary divided in 15 min segments

2016-09-29 16:38:23 UTC  

If you have the time you should watch at least a few segments on jew tube, and let me know. It's really dramatic

2016-09-30 19:54:40 UTC  

I think ill check it out bro

2016-09-30 19:54:45 UTC

2016-09-30 19:54:47 UTC  


2016-09-30 19:56:20 UTC  

NWO: communism through the backdoor, is a good one

2016-09-30 19:56:25 UTC  

Sick hat!

2016-09-30 19:56:46 UTC  

Thanks man

2016-10-01 03:03:05 UTC  

Hehehe sick interview. It's nice to have relations with the motherland. Didn't know about Daniel until now. Damn is this movement getting yuuuuge.

2016-10-01 03:03:42 UTC  

I'm getting on another french show tommorow

2016-10-01 03:03:51 UTC  

Which one

2016-10-01 03:05:02 UTC  

it's a kind of french version of the daily shoah

2016-10-01 03:05:03 UTC  

"democratie participative"

2016-10-01 03:05:05 UTC  

I'm not going to be doing a trs show for a good while, so i'll probably be doing other kinds of shows in the meantime