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2016-09-18 17:49:28 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

How long will the debate last?

2016-09-18 17:55:49 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Should be fine then. The metro closes so early, I have to be careful.

2016-09-18 17:56:50 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Got stuck once in Montreal because of that. I don't want that to happen again!

2016-09-18 17:58:17 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I have school the day after but since you live so close to my college, it could also work.

2016-09-18 17:59:06 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I have to taste those swastika shaped sliced of bacon of his.

2016-09-28 04:50:19 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Or the sun was very bright in his room!

2016-09-29 01:40:09 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Sitting in front of a computer doing nothing but chatting for 2 hours must also be a pain.

2016-10-09 02:49:17 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

The debate is tomorrow?

2016-10-09 02:50:55 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Didnt think they would do the next one so fast and during thanksgiving. I guess I'll miss that one.

2016-10-09 02:51:03 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Well, won't watch live

2016-10-09 05:04:12 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

You're right. Always forgeting we don't have the same thanksgiving.

2016-10-10 04:11:51 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

So, what did I miss? Was the debate good?

2016-10-10 04:18:49 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2016-10-10 04:30:10 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Oy vey

2016-10-10 04:44:59 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Oh, no more secretary Clinton I see.

2016-10-24 23:00:34 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I'm oozing privileges. Gotta love that easy mode life!

2016-11-09 07:18:15 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I wanted to believe. I couldn't believe. Now I believe. Praise KEK!

2016-11-10 02:06:43 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Same. White pill as fuck and we had a beautiful day too!

2016-11-10 02:16:58 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Zeiger... On the Daily Shoah. Whut?

2016-11-10 02:19:32 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Didn't pick up the phone. Sad.

2016-11-10 02:39:57 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Trump is really bringing people together

2016-11-20 04:12:37 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

They probably never heard of professionalism.

2016-12-18 19:04:59 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Beautiful video. Brought tears to my eyes.

2016-12-18 19:39:17 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

That Kangz meme nevers gets old. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2WkDjpowso

2017-01-20 22:13:01 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Will I ever get tired of winning?

2017-01-20 22:35:55 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2017-02-06 02:21:56 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Reading The Art of War. Very interesting.

2017-02-06 02:23:32 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2017-02-06 02:24:27 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Hard to download tho. Can put a link to an external site.

2017-04-12 22:31:33 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Des larper communistes ont laissรฉ des beaux poster ร  la station De La Concorde.


2017-04-12 22:33:19 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

couldnt remove them all. Bringing some sharpie tonight

2017-04-12 22:33:34 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Will let my artistic side do all the work

2017-04-12 22:34:51 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Hale hortlers is a good idea

2017-04-12 22:34:58 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Same thing really

2017-04-16 22:40:55 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Poor dindu. Lost his bitch you know. Anyone would have done the same yo.

2017-08-18 23:49:08 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

RIP .wang

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