Message from Zeiger in Montreal Storm #general

2016-10-10 04:35:57 UTC  

Trump also called Hillary "the devil" right to her face.

2016-10-10 04:44:59 UTC  

Oh, no more secretary Clinton I see.

2016-10-10 19:24:18 UTC  

He also said that she'd be in jail if he were in charge. Clearly more on the offensive but I feel he has difficulty defending himself, gets too agitated while she keeps it cool. At the risk of sounding unpopular she is an experienced candidate representing the devil while he has less experience in public speaking and can come off as a buffoon to some (easily sidetracked) representing sanity and logic (economy, security and justice, men's issues) while she panders to diversity and feelings.. If we had someone a little more well-spoken it wouldn't be a contest. Not sure the truth is enough to win over the normies, they don't even know wtf is goin on, they are told by the media what is important (clintons issues, BLM, women's feelings/feminism) which trump doesn't give a shit about, apart from respecting law enforcement. As he said, she talks a good game, and that's usually what wins elections unfortunately. Sorry for the little black pill, watching debates with a lot normies is an eye opener. Man I hope he wins anyway

he's gotta win

I saw that

2016-10-14 17:09:29 UTC  

New party for the third debate!
At my place.
6308 fabre
19h (7pm)
Not a BBQ this time.
Bring your own booze.
Debate starts at 9PM!!!

2016-10-14 17:09:35 UTC  

2016-10-14 17:12:57 UTC  

Hey AT

2016-10-14 17:13:08 UTC  

you ever use discord before?

2016-10-14 17:25:19 UTC  

No, and no group chat either.

2016-10-14 17:30:22 UTC  

Have no headset, just cheapo earbuds, using a borrowed computer & wifi, but can still talk.

2016-10-14 17:34:57 UTC  


2016-10-14 17:35:01 UTC  

well, welcome

2016-10-14 17:35:14 UTC  

french or english?

2016-10-14 17:37:25 UTC  


2016-10-14 17:41:54 UTC  

well, you can come to the next meeting, which will be the party for the next debate

2016-10-14 17:45:38 UTC  

Great! Count me in. I enjoyed very much listening to you, Andrew, & Azzmador on Sunday in the pre- and post-debate commentary. I usually listen to mp3s of streams from TRS after the fact, but they had nothing planned, so went looking around.

2016-10-14 17:46:11 UTC  

yeah, we made sure that we wouldn't have the stream for fash the nation and our own at the same time

2016-10-14 17:46:23 UTC  

FTN will do a stream next time though

2016-10-14 17:46:28 UTC  

we'll have that on as well

2016-10-14 17:47:39 UTC  

btw, you need to learn touch-typing 😃

2016-10-14 17:48:10 UTC  

Yes. I'm slowww.

2016-10-14 17:49:54 UTC  

Re-FTN Stream, looking forward to that, but meeting in person regardless takes priority for me. I'd been off of social media for 4 years until going on Twitter for the past month, as VicPennant。

2016-10-14 17:51:21 UTC  

you done got deleted from twitter though

2016-10-14 17:51:30 UTC  

your account is gone

2016-10-14 17:51:48 UTC  

Deactivated my account

2016-10-14 17:53:21 UTC  

It's still there, but I'd rather transfer my twitter-like activity to Gab.

2016-10-14 17:54:00 UTC  

Not owned by a fag, run by SJWs, and actively spying on userbase.

2016-10-14 17:55:54 UTC  

All the point of that is- I am eager to be in communication with like minded goys- alt-right, counter-semitic.

2016-10-14 17:58:13 UTC  

I realized while Tweeting to TRS goys, and it applies here too, that it doesn't matter that I've been listening to podcasts, reading articles & identifying with Alt-right for approx 2 years

2016-10-14 18:00:04 UTC  

As far as anyone knows, I just came out of nowhere. That's why I'm eager to communicate, and meet in person. Sick of being the Eternal Lurker

2016-10-14 18:03:00 UTC  

Ah, I see. Having deactivated the account, all my activity is gone. I'll log in to Twitter now, reactivating the account, and then you'll be able to see my activity.

2016-10-14 18:04:41 UTC  

ok, that's good

2016-10-14 18:04:50 UTC  

honestly, posting on gab is pointless right now

2016-10-14 18:04:58 UTC  

nobody can see what's going on

2016-10-14 18:05:06 UTC  

it's in beta, and currently an echo chamber

2016-10-14 18:05:17 UTC  

i asked for an account, bu still don't have one

2016-10-14 18:05:28 UTC  

once it's open to the public I might start posting there