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2016-11-15 01:39:10 UTC  

The Golden One said it best, there is a direct correlation between left-wing views and lack of testosterone.

2016-11-15 01:39:31 UTC  

Harper was a pro-Israel shill. Despite that, he had his head on straight when it came to economics, prostitution and criminal policy.

2016-11-15 01:45:41 UTC  

"Everyone can have a culture. Except white people. White culture is horrible"

2016-11-15 01:45:47 UTC  

That's what articles like this implicitlysay.

2016-11-15 02:53:17 UTC  

So many people read the article. And now have accessed the sites listed on the poster. #WIN

2016-11-15 03:17:58 UTC  

Any coverage is good coverage. It's funny it starts with "hey white person".. Man I feel so far from that livin in hochalaga they're still into the separatism end all cure all

2016-11-15 04:16:37 UTC  

K, this is deafmute/Markus from the forum

2016-11-15 04:16:50 UTC  

Is that the poster?

2016-11-15 04:17:56 UTC  

We'll have to make it bilingual here lol

2016-11-15 04:59:13 UTC  

trump protestor gets run over

2016-11-15 04:59:15 UTC  


2016-11-15 14:51:20 UTC  

@Greg Is that dinner eventually going to happen.

2016-11-15 14:51:23 UTC  


2016-11-16 05:35:58 UTC  

Sa-weeet lets do this

2016-11-17 01:11:46 UTC  

Yes, I'll be going too.

2016-11-17 01:12:36 UTC  

Celebrate Trump's victory party
Friday at 9 PM - 3 AM

McKibbin's Irish Pub
Montreal, Montreal, Quebec

Ya'll nigger should come!

2016-11-17 01:12:40 UTC  

go and redpill those normies

or recruit fellow travelers

2016-11-17 22:20:58 UTC  

everyones gonna get redpilled

2016-11-18 13:39:21 UTC  

@everyone Is @Greg 's invite still open? Cause he had to cancel last time.

2016-11-18 22:59:12 UTC  

i dunno, but there's a party tonight. the adress is pinned in this server.

2016-11-18 22:59:43 UTC  

though i'm not sure if i'll go now, i feel kind of sick

2016-11-18 23:30:56 UTC  

I'll probably show up too.. Maybe flip some tables and headbutt some jigaboos .. Celebrate

2016-11-19 06:33:32 UTC  

Was awesome

2016-11-19 18:21:06 UTC  


2016-11-19 18:21:10 UTC  

ya it was fun

2016-11-19 18:21:35 UTC  

sorry i couldn'

2016-11-19 18:21:41 UTC  

couldn't make it

2016-11-19 18:33:23 UTC  

No worries man

2016-11-19 19:44:24 UTC  
2016-11-20 04:12:37 UTC  

They probably never heard of professionalism.

2016-11-22 01:26:25 UTC  


2016-11-28 05:55:45 UTC  

Hey thanks for letting me in Zeiger I'm Celsius on DS. Hail Pepe.

2016-11-28 18:22:47 UTC  

hey, welcome

2016-11-28 22:40:00 UTC  

Had a class work to do. We had to pick a party and make policies