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2017-08-15 15:02:35 UTC  

The fallout is still happening

2017-08-15 15:04:06 UTC  

what is best between : keep things hidden and have little turn out and no publicity but things are safe or publicize events in the open and have big crowd and publicity but more risk

2017-08-15 15:07:30 UTC  

I'm sure the organizers are sitting at a table right now deliberating that as we speak

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2017-08-15 19:03:02 UTC  

On TRS there is a thread by weev regarding the situation with DS with updates

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2017-08-15 22:16:08 UTC  

ok wow I see !!!

2017-08-15 22:16:41 UTC  

he denounced the Alt-Left saying they came with bats swinging and were very violent

2017-08-15 22:17:26 UTC  

and admited that organizer of the event had at least a permit

2017-08-15 22:17:36 UTC  

so he knows what really happenned

2017-08-17 02:06:18 UTC  

be careful guys...

2017-08-17 02:08:11 UTC  

@northcrown where was this

2017-08-17 02:08:30 UTC  

8ch they have infiltrated many antifa groups i think

2017-08-17 02:08:54 UTC  

Who is they

2017-08-17 02:10:13 UTC  


2017-08-17 02:10:22 UTC  

Also antifa has been saying this shit since forever

2017-08-17 02:12:49 UTC  

still... be careful if they step up their shit in the states, the canadian antifa will surely do the same as more and more right wing group appear in the public... soon the removal of statue will start here too.

2017-08-17 02:13:04 UTC  

Im fine with dying

2017-08-17 02:13:23 UTC  

If I drive a care into a crowd of them you guys better not cuck on me

2017-08-17 02:13:27 UTC  

a car*

2017-08-17 03:41:00 UTC  

Lmaooo ^^^^

2017-08-17 11:17:38 UTC  

I know the rally did not go to well but it was pretty fucking awesome to see the HUGE alt right army!

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2017-08-17 18:05:11 UTC  

To be expected

2017-08-18 23:08:00 UTC  

It's back

2017-08-18 23:08:02 UTC

2017-08-18 23:49:08 UTC  

RIP .wang

2017-08-20 15:01:18 UTC  

RIP .lol

2017-08-20 16:03:08 UTC  

It's getting ridiculous

2017-08-20 16:33:18 UTC  

don't despair

2017-08-21 01:57:46 UTC  

Un peu de musique pour vous remonter le moral

2017-08-21 03:22:16 UTC  

Jaggi Singh was arrested while protesting in Quebec City

2017-08-21 03:32:42 UTC  

Again, I should say. Not his first time

2017-08-21 06:18:47 UTC  

they dropped him off in limoilou so he wasnt arrested just displaced to be freed not near the media