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2017-08-14 17:28:20 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Wasn't a pool party lol

2017-08-14 17:28:29 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

But it was good

2017-08-14 17:29:49 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

It was the insiders actually

2017-08-14 17:31:22 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Oh ya same where were you?

2017-08-14 17:33:04 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

-_- dude you still don't recognize me XD

2017-08-14 17:34:44 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Haha it's Erwin

2017-08-14 17:35:47 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2017-08-17 02:08:11 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

@northcrown where was this

2017-08-17 02:08:54 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Who is they

2017-09-10 02:45:07 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

@FriendlyFash ahhh I love horsemeat but it's 12$ for the loaf?

2017-09-10 02:50:46 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

had too much?

2017-09-10 02:50:54 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

cuz I like sweets....

2017-09-10 02:52:30 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

oh lol

2017-09-10 02:52:37 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

so its cheap?

2017-09-10 02:52:50 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

like compared to other meats?

2017-09-10 02:55:34 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

oh god I just ordered some on epanneur

2017-09-10 02:55:46 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I eat it with nothing but salt

2017-09-10 02:55:57 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

fills you up without carbs

2017-09-10 02:56:38 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

ground pork??

2017-09-10 02:56:54 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Ive heard of ground beef but goddamn

2017-09-10 02:57:03 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

how is it?

2017-09-10 03:01:30 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

lmao ok

2017-09-10 03:02:00 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

wait no you were talking about pork loin

2017-09-10 03:02:06 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

fking spergs man!

2017-09-10 03:02:52 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

anyways ya ground horsemeat is ay so fash

2017-09-10 03:02:56 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

so very very fash

2017-09-30 04:08:42 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2017-09-30 04:09:40 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

No rooftop????

2017-09-30 04:10:26 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2017-09-30 04:10:32 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2017-10-02 16:54:30 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Pff "Hellenism" even here he can't resist Jewish tricks

2017-10-02 16:54:48 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

This is what he is actually referring to:

2017-10-02 19:14:30 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Jesus was not a Judite. He was a Josephite. Judah and Joseph were brothers, so they could not be of the same tribes of Israel. So how could Jesus possibly a jew?

2017-10-02 19:18:17 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Christianity is an absolute positive for our people in so many ways. Why counter-signal that?

2017-10-02 19:20:13 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Ya I know, but they are referring to the boomer cucks. We're more like Father Coughlin ... far from cucky

2017-10-02 19:23:45 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Lol as in we all have an equal shot at getting in heaven (fair judgement), that doesn't mean we all WILL be equally admitted into heaven because a lot of niggers are violent animals.

2017-10-02 19:24:29 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

So don't misunderstand Father Coughlin's words

2017-10-02 19:25:55 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I get that the concept of heaven is entirely founded in faith, but it's still a positive for us.

2017-10-02 19:26:11 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2017-10-02 19:27:47 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Lol Fahrenheit when you're my age you will get a whole lot more attention from 20yo babes. For a lot of people, looking to God is a great way to keep those thots in check.

2017-10-02 19:28:52 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Keeping thots in check raises the smv of women, which promotes marriage

2017-10-02 19:29:25 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

No, women only follow the strong

2017-10-02 19:29:42 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Less thots = more babies

2017-10-02 19:29:46 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2017-10-02 19:30:22 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Strong ie physically and mentally

2017-10-02 19:31:33 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Heaven is an incentive to be the best version of ourselves, otherwise we can all just take advantage of these thots and create a generation of ruined lesbians

2017-10-02 19:32:47 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Guys why dont we discuss this in voice gen

2017-10-02 19:33:42 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2017-10-02 19:34:08 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

dude those faggot priests are Jewish converts

2017-10-02 19:34:49 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Nono i mean The whole catholic split was due to jewish conversion, infiltration, then subversion

2017-10-02 19:34:59 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Hence the pedos

2017-10-02 19:35:03 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2017-10-02 19:36:07 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I wasn't aware that protestants had a pedo problem...

2017-10-02 19:36:52 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Ya but they PROTESTED them cuz they caught on to the Jewry

2017-10-02 19:37:11 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Selling tickets to heaven bitch plz lmao

2017-10-02 19:37:57 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Lol ok

2017-10-05 01:28:24 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Wtf is half metis lmao

2017-10-05 01:28:41 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Thats literally 75% european

2017-10-05 01:28:54 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Half of half

2017-10-07 00:43:45 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

We praise kek, drink red bull, read mein kampf, keep thots in check... The usual

2017-10-07 00:45:41 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Have we met irl?

2017-10-07 00:47:06 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I'm erwin

2017-10-07 00:47:17 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Fashy cut

2017-10-07 00:48:11 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2017-10-07 00:48:51 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Next time for me

2017-10-07 00:48:59 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Wish I could tho

2017-10-07 00:50:14 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Its a good bar

2017-10-07 00:51:14 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Ur asking me?

2017-10-07 00:51:33 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Cuz I wasn't at a resto last time

2017-10-07 00:57:21 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Desertsturm dont u work at biermarkt?

2017-10-07 00:58:59 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Fk I still cant tell who u r lol

2017-10-07 01:00:13 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Ohh true that

2017-10-07 01:01:11 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Are you in our fb group?

2017-10-07 01:02:04 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  


2017-10-07 01:02:33 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

I see wut u do thurr hue hue

2017-10-07 01:04:29 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Sole drinkurr y u do dis ๐Ÿ˜ข

2017-10-07 01:04:45 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Oh ffs

2017-10-07 01:06:40 UTC [Montreal Storm #general]  

Lmao ya someone posted this in our fb

2017-11-27 00:16:44 UTC [Montreal Storm #autism]  



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