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Wasn't a pool party lol

But it was good

It was the insiders actually

Oh ya same where were you?

-_- dude you still don't recognize me XD

Haha it's Erwin


@northcrown where was this

Who is they

@FriendlyFash ahhh I love horsemeat but it's 12$ for the loaf?

had too much?

cuz I like sweets....

oh lol

so its cheap?

like compared to other meats?

oh god I just ordered some on epanneur

I eat it with nothing but salt

fills you up without carbs

ground pork??

Ive heard of ground beef but goddamn

how is it?

lmao ok

wait no you were talking about pork loin

fking spergs man!

anyways ya ground horsemeat is ay so fash

so very very fash


No rooftop????



Pff "Hellenism" even here he can't resist Jewish tricks

This is what he is actually referring to:

Jesus was not a Judite. He was a Josephite. Judah and Joseph were brothers, so they could not be of the same tribes of Israel. So how could Jesus possibly a jew?

Christianity is an absolute positive for our people in so many ways. Why counter-signal that?

Ya I know, but they are referring to the boomer cucks. We're more like Father Coughlin ... far from cucky

Lol as in we all have an equal shot at getting in heaven (fair judgement), that doesn't mean we all WILL be equally admitted into heaven because a lot of niggers are violent animals.

So don't misunderstand Father Coughlin's words

I get that the concept of heaven is entirely founded in faith, but it's still a positive for us.


Lol Fahrenheit when you're my age you will get a whole lot more attention from 20yo babes. For a lot of people, looking to God is a great way to keep those thots in check.

Keeping thots in check raises the smv of women, which promotes marriage

No, women only follow the strong

Less thots = more babies


Strong ie physically and mentally

Heaven is an incentive to be the best version of ourselves, otherwise we can all just take advantage of these thots and create a generation of ruined lesbians

Guys why dont we discuss this in voice gen


dude those faggot priests are Jewish converts

Nono i mean The whole catholic split was due to jewish conversion, infiltration, then subversion

Hence the pedos


I wasn't aware that protestants had a pedo problem...

Ya but they PROTESTED them cuz they caught on to the Jewry

Selling tickets to heaven bitch plz lmao

Lol ok

Wtf is half metis lmao

Thats literally 75% european

Half of half

We praise kek, drink red bull, read mein kampf, keep thots in check... The usual

Have we met irl?

I'm erwin

Fashy cut


Next time for me

Wish I could tho

Its a good bar

Ur asking me?

Cuz I wasn't at a resto last time

Desertsturm dont u work at biermarkt?

Fk I still cant tell who u r lol

Ohh true that

Are you in our fb group?


I see wut u do thurr hue hue

Sole drinkurr y u do dis 😢

Oh ffs

Lmao ya someone posted this in our fb


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