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2017-08-29 16:01:18 UTC  

already did ;3

2017-08-29 16:01:35 UTC  

cheers bro , you got my number now.. lets grab a pint

2017-08-29 16:01:47 UTC  

Oh shit I thought you might be a trap at first.

2017-08-29 16:01:52 UTC  

nah fuck

2017-08-29 16:02:02 UTC  

why cause i actually go out of my way to talk to real fucking people

2017-08-29 16:02:02 UTC  


2017-08-29 16:02:29 UTC  

Is la meute legit?

2017-08-29 16:02:47 UTC  

i think its more like french proud boys

2017-08-29 16:03:13 UTC  

they are cuckd in my eyes

2017-08-29 16:03:50 UTC  

Like civic nationalists?

2017-08-29 16:04:10 UTC  

neuro 😉

2017-08-29 16:04:17 UTC  

sup dude!

2017-08-29 16:05:54 UTC  

I call them boomer nationalist

2017-08-29 16:06:40 UTC  

Lol White North how did it take me posting the articles to make the connection? 😂

2017-08-29 16:07:24 UTC  

La Meute is good to prove the point that the left are savages, just like MAGA people in the states are.

2017-08-29 16:07:33 UTC  

This movement needs the God Emperor

2017-08-29 16:08:31 UTC  

He cucked on Syria and now did the surge of troops to Afganistan, his cabinet is all being Shoad, it doesn't look good.

Still better than anything else we've had.

2017-08-29 16:12:07 UTC  

No I mean the real God Emperor!

2017-08-29 16:13:27 UTC  

el duce?

2017-08-29 16:13:33 UTC  


2017-08-29 16:15:06 UTC  

brb gonna put in abit of work here

2017-08-29 16:26:01 UTC  

No this guy

2017-08-29 16:35:52 UTC  

What's up White north , what happened to you

2017-08-29 16:36:01 UTC  

hey man

2017-08-29 16:36:02 UTC  

Been a while

2017-08-29 16:36:07 UTC  

bordeaux and garbage

2017-08-29 16:37:07 UTC  

prolly meeting shawn tonight

2017-08-29 16:37:17 UTC  

how you been

2017-08-29 16:39:41 UTC  

Going to wreck em legs and have a pint with a fashy goy

2017-08-29 16:41:03 UTC  

Everytime I see some blue haired faggot, or otherwise poz person come into my place of work I'm sure I'm done for.

2017-08-29 16:42:36 UTC  


2017-08-29 16:42:58 UTC  

some transqueer commie

2017-08-29 16:49:55 UTC  

All the pictures they publish of me I have sunglasses on, so perhaps without them I'm unrecognizable.

2017-08-29 16:54:20 UTC  

kinda sucks all that drama 😦

2017-08-29 16:57:38 UTC  

Going to be a shit show whenever I go apply for a new job or place to live. You Google my name and it's supremacist this and Nazi that.

2017-08-29 17:01:30 UTC  

well atleast ur vice interview was normal

2017-08-29 17:02:10 UTC  


2017-08-29 19:52:50 UTC  

hah some old kike lady got caught shoplifting at pharmapricks

2017-08-29 21:58:03 UTC  

She'll probably get some jew lawyer to defend pro Bono, with a jew judge

2017-08-29 22:26:25 UTC  

Hey I'm also in côte-des-negres

2017-08-29 22:26:47 UTC  

More like côte-des-philipinos where I am