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2017-05-22 23:43:31 UTC  

Well, its been a helluva day

2017-05-22 23:43:54 UTC  

between the guy stabbing the literal black guy who was in college and in college, to the thing in FL... helluva few days

2017-05-22 23:44:20 UTC  

Inspiring words, Fearless

2017-05-22 23:44:41 UTC  

Yes. Expect increased interest by the (((powers that be))) in all WN activity

2017-05-22 23:45:06 UTC  

Matt, pin that snitch guide to the channel please.

2017-05-22 23:45:16 UTC  

Your people will need it

2017-05-22 23:45:22 UTC  

the 10 signs one?

2017-05-22 23:45:29 UTC  


2017-05-22 23:46:17 UTC  

Everyone be on the lookout for attempts to disrupt our organizing

2017-05-22 23:46:27 UTC  

2017-05-22 23:47:21 UTC  

Do those guides talk about paying attention to your childhood best friend ☹

2017-05-22 23:47:30 UTC  

Nice! What's the next event Matt? I need another Pikeville!

2017-05-22 23:47:49 UTC  
2017-05-22 23:47:51 UTC  

that too

2017-05-22 23:47:59 UTC  

Well, we want to hold a protest against Purdue Pharma, who makes oxy, who has poisoned our people and caused thousands of deaths

2017-05-22 23:47:59 UTC  

if you don't mind

2017-05-22 23:48:05 UTC  

more info the better

2017-05-22 23:48:12 UTC  

ill be in florida for the FL league of the south conference in 2 weeks

2017-05-22 23:48:43 UTC  

2017-05-22 23:48:44 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach yes!! Purdue

2017-05-22 23:49:00 UTC  

Owned by the (((shaklers)))

2017-05-22 23:49:07 UTC  


2017-05-22 23:50:15 UTC  

Jews jews everywhere

2017-05-22 23:50:25 UTC  

I would love to make the National conference. I have been trying to drum up local support in the WV Panhandle for the fight against opiate addiction but people won't get off their lazy asses. I'm glad you are taking it to them at Purdue.

2017-05-22 23:51:34 UTC  

Well and speaking of conference, this Fall we will have at least 3 members of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom represented at our national conference

2017-05-22 23:51:41 UTC  

Golden Dawn, NPD, and at least 1 other

2017-05-22 23:52:11 UTC  

That's awesome

2017-05-22 23:52:32 UTC  

Hell yeah!

2017-05-22 23:53:05 UTC  

I made contact with some local boys on our way out of Pikeville, still in touch with them. Drug abuse was THE NUMBER 1 concern

2017-05-22 23:53:35 UTC  

Itll probably be in PA, but trying to decide that now.

But yes, drugs are a huge problem. Our goys in Alabama are preparing a campaign for an area thats been hard hit by meth

2017-05-22 23:54:18 UTC  

Would love to go to Nationals & Would be totally available to anyone working on tackling the drug problem

2017-05-22 23:55:21 UTC  

well we need to figure out a plan together

2017-05-22 23:55:38 UTC  

because we cant do anything to the drug dealers of course, this has to be constructive towards those affected

2017-05-22 23:55:41 UTC  

im open to suggestions

2017-05-22 23:56:13 UTC  

No i mean more working with the addicts & families

2017-05-22 23:56:19 UTC  


2017-05-22 23:56:20 UTC  

Well I look forward to attending my first TWP conference along TomW.

2017-05-22 23:56:22 UTC  

that is what we need

2017-05-22 23:56:42 UTC  

Ive got more experience than you can shake a stick at

2017-05-22 23:56:50 UTC  

exactly what i like to hear

2017-05-22 23:57:06 UTC  

Consider me in, whatever you need