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2017-11-08 04:39:45 UTC  

Why focus on anyone in the movement?

Why not just worry about what we do?

2017-11-08 04:40:28 UTC  

Because having untrustworthy individuals as major celebrities/leaders is a bad praxis

2017-11-08 04:42:00 UTC  

@fassel is one of my most dedicated and solid guys on the local level.

2017-11-08 04:42:24 UTC  

Yeah, Fass is a good guy.

2017-11-08 04:42:30 UTC  

Im goin to bed. Anyone countersignalling mike probably never met him

2017-11-08 04:42:39 UTC  

I've met him

2017-11-08 04:42:44 UTC  

his nose is even more breathtaking in person

2017-11-08 04:42:46 UTC  

U guys dissagree on this stuff but ultimately our leaders should tell us how is on our side

2017-11-08 04:42:53 UTC  

I think anyway

2017-11-08 04:43:14 UTC  

Dude he has a goy nose wtf

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2017-11-08 04:43:33 UTC  

Like if matt h or p say we dont kick it with trs then fine

2017-11-08 04:44:04 UTC  

God damn dude. Late night this channel gets off the rails im out for tonight

2017-11-08 04:44:12 UTC  

Until then i am gonna treat them like friendlies

2017-11-08 04:44:19 UTC  

Lol yeah man

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2017-11-08 04:44:42 UTC  

Peace dude

2017-11-08 04:44:48 UTC  

Fasssss go to bed. G'night

2017-11-08 04:45:07 UTC  

I got to call my brother anyways so peace.

2017-11-08 04:45:14 UTC  

I met and talked to him in person, he was invited, and he seemed like a solid guy.

2017-11-08 04:46:01 UTC  

@The Inquisitor [☧]

I hate the celebrity shit, especially when freshcuts are treated like ideologues.

That being said, us sitting here discussing them only helps build said status (even bad attention is still attention).

I only care about TWP and what we do...piss on the rest, tbh.

2017-11-08 04:46:52 UTC  

Dis nigga can't go to bed. 🔽

2017-11-08 04:47:10 UTC  

Last word: mike has never countersignalled twp and never placated the optics cucks. Objectively a net gain despite his past. Net gain. Night, peace, turning off device.

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2017-11-08 05:10:22 UTC  

True. He is helpful. It'll be like the French Revolution if we go down the road some are advocating. The one who beheads today may find himself beheaded for his own minute humanities tomorrow.

2017-11-08 05:10:38 UTC  

The goal should be to reform and rebuild a broken people.

2017-11-08 05:12:33 UTC  

Wait, we're doing beheadings? How come nobody told me about this?

2017-11-08 05:12:37 UTC  

I wanna behead people!

2017-11-08 05:14:20 UTC  

We are all the Children of Weimar. Born without a sense of self. Without an ethos.

2017-11-08 05:14:43 UTC  

It was awful before Hitler too. The NSDAP reformed many an addict and bum.

2017-11-08 05:15:26 UTC  

The purge was for sodomite traitors who plotted to supplant Hitler.

2017-11-08 05:15:48 UTC  

Compare Weimar Goebbels to post-Weimar Goebbels.

2017-11-08 05:16:25 UTC

2017-11-08 05:17:31 UTC  

right in the feels

2017-11-08 05:18:01 UTC  

Then not even two years later he is amid a rebirth like never before seen.

2017-11-08 05:19:12 UTC  

What do you guys think? Should we accept this guy?

2017-11-08 05:19:17 UTC  

--- Sex ---

--- Genetic or Racial background and identification ---
Mostly i lived in singapore but i want to be a american so i can help you to protest.I know how to make bombs though.

--- Describe your current level of physical fitness ---
On a diet.go to the gym twice per week or 5 times.

--- Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco use or addictions and abuse past or present ---
N/A.i cant even use it yet.

--- Favorite and recently read books ---
Charlottesville protest.

--- How did you hear about Vanguard America ---
I saw from inside edition about a guy rammed his charger or challenger to the peoples then they sayed about vanguard america.And thats how i know about this.

--- Describe why you want to join Vanguard America ---
White lives matter.i want to help protesting and ettend meetings but i cant yet i need to be a american citizen first.And im white.

--- Describe your age, state and military enlistment if applicable ---
Im 13 years old.not in a state.

2017-11-08 05:19:47 UTC  

He sounds smart lmao

2017-11-08 05:20:44 UTC  


2017-11-08 05:22:54 UTC  

is he white?