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2017-12-01 19:13:19 UTC  

Hell dude probably. Right now there's definitely a market for custom made TWP gear

2017-12-01 19:15:18 UTC  

Stand by ... something may be coming need to talk to some people

2017-12-01 19:16:36 UTC  

That would be badass.

2017-12-01 19:17:10 UTC  

I already build custom AR uppers and do some fun smiting

2017-12-01 19:17:15 UTC  

Gun **

2017-12-01 19:18:00 UTC  

Sounds fun though

2017-12-01 19:18:35 UTC  

Would you all like to be able to buy a kit that has a tach vest pouches mags and holster maybe work party patches or embroidery

2017-12-01 19:18:50 UTC  

Or a plate carrier

2017-12-01 19:19:28 UTC  

Call it Fash tactical or fash armament

2017-12-01 19:20:09 UTC  

Would be nice to have a Winter meet-up if I secure a buddy's place to host. Nice rural place in Central IL. Same place I had my Black Sun shindig.

2017-12-01 19:20:38 UTC  

Very large basement

2017-12-01 19:23:04 UTC  

@HueTheHand I am interested in having a Mosin Nagant converted to 7mm-06.

2017-12-01 19:23:45 UTC  

For now I will save up money for the materials and what I need to pay you for the job @HueTheHand

2017-12-01 19:24:21 UTC

2017-12-01 19:24:26 UTC  

Brothers can I get a <:hellyeah:374715727833464836>

2017-12-01 19:24:50 UTC  

@Sir88 tbh right now I don’t have the tools to do a job like that no leash to turn the barrel. But I could price the parts for you

2017-12-01 19:26:06 UTC  

@HueTheHand That would be neet. Dm me when you got em.

2017-12-01 19:26:12 UTC  

Would be cheaper to get a modern bolt gun thew.

2017-12-01 19:26:20 UTC  


2017-12-01 19:26:31 UTC  

Yea. Might just get a Rem 700 in that then.

2017-12-01 19:26:37 UTC  

Scratch it.

2017-12-01 19:27:00 UTC  

@HueTheHand Scratch the Mosin idea.

2017-12-01 19:27:33 UTC  

Look at the Ruger American rifle

2017-12-01 19:27:41 UTC  

Best bang for your buck

2017-12-01 19:28:10 UTC  


2017-12-01 19:28:20 UTC  

The new 700s suck

2017-12-01 19:28:27 UTC  

He’ll yeah @Blitz ⚡

2017-12-01 19:28:58 UTC  


2017-12-01 19:30:40 UTC  

What even is the Nordic alt right

2017-12-01 19:30:55 UTC  

Because there seems to be a huge void between the SD supporters and the NRM

2017-12-01 19:37:02 UTC  

Yeah have fun with your little club dicky

2017-12-01 19:52:34 UTC  

NRM isn't a bunch of limp wristed homos

2017-12-01 19:53:13 UTC  

Let Sweden be the Cucked canary in the coal mine : half measures never work

2017-12-01 20:06:02 UTC  


2017-12-01 20:06:24 UTC  

We give em an inch... They take a goddamn mile!

2017-12-01 20:06:26 UTC  


2017-12-01 20:06:44 UTC  

Never compromise period to anybody or anything.

2017-12-01 20:21:47 UTC  

Who was the goy at the picnic of hate with the TWP logo on his plate carrier?

2017-12-01 20:23:09 UTC  

Rob. Head of security.

2017-12-01 20:32:08 UTC  

whats up

2017-12-01 20:32:20 UTC  

oh, yeah i got it custom made online