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"and Germany"

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>still no Heimstroll react

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holy shit, why wasnt this monster aborted? Im sure the two headed mutant was visible on the ultrasound. If I was the father after seeing that creature on the ultrasound i would of immediately hit my wife with a thunderous right hook to the belly to ensure an instant miscarriage. I would hit that rotten wombed cunt so hard that two headed demon would come flying out of her filthy muff and splatter on the doctors office wall. To make sure the beast truly was dead i would stomp on it and kick it for over an hour, douse it in gasoline, and then light a match. After the feral ghoul was properly disposed of, i would spit in my wifes face and immediately divorce her for having such a repugnant and cancerous womb that would create such a horrendous monster. As soon as i would step out of the doctors office, thousands of people would be there to give me a tremendous round of applause, and the president himself would bestow upon me the medal of honor, for ridding the world of such a vile monstrosity.

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6/10 would bang

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Two kinds of people

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If I remember right one of them actually got pregnant and had a kid now

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Me the or one hates that ones boy friend

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The original Siamese twins married 2 girls and had 8 kids back in the 1800s

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Chad Siamese twins vs the virgin singlet

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God wills it.

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Deus Vult!

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Dude dont watch that 2 head video...

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Oh no

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Why don't watch it?

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Do you want nightmares? Cuz thats how you get nightmares

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It hurt my soul to watch it

2017-12-07 21:38:02 UTC  

I made it 7 minutes

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I mean it's a horrible fate.

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@MatthewHeimbach i have a white South African who would like to speak to you.

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Is he Anglo or Dutch? TWP is woke on the Anglo Question.

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The (((Eternal Anglo)))

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Johannes Agenbach is his name, so probably Dutch,

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Have yall seen Bofa?

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Bofa who?

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bofa deez nutz hah got em

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Always relevant.

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Lol rekt

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Next one to @ everyone has to buy the next TWP event lunch

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wait, we eatin again????

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