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2017-01-29 05:16:19 UTC  

Really reminds me of this discussion I had with Clayton Elmy just a little ago.

2017-01-29 05:16:32 UTC  

"Thing about the memers and the anonymous postering and shit, that's all well and good, the radio show propaganda, the essays, that is all necessary, but it plays an auxiliary role, what is more important is taking back the streets and building a hard core who are willing to go out and take blows socially, economically, physically, risk pain and arrest. This is what NA and NRM did and now a few years on they are pulling more and more people to their rallies, because tons of people sympathize or agree but are too scared to come out to rallies, when you have a hard core and start pulling members then you grow exponentially because normies stop being afraid of joining you, because you have numbers nd because you have proven you will have their back. Your bravery ends up being infectious. It's not about "rationally convincing people" with intellectual argument and politeness, lmao that is gay as fuck and not how human psychology works. The masses of white male normies on the fence have no hard opinion one way or the other, they lean toward us implicitly but don't think about it much, once they see you have a PRESENCE and that you have STRENGTH and that you have COURAGE they are given a push, they will never come to identify with you if you stay anonymous or spend your time on high falutin shit they wont read and dont care about, The fact is that all these methods that people are fighting over are necessary, they all are aimed at different facets of society and propaganda, but the auxiliaries have fat undeserved egos and want to be seen as leaders when they are not."

2017-01-29 05:16:57 UTC  

Also covered a lot of what we already talked about.

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This was just after the Ghoulcaust.

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Fuck Ghoul to death, by the way.

2017-01-29 05:17:58 UTC  

did he really sell TRS out btw?

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Are you too stupid to unmute yourself, cracker?

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Yeah, you probably seen what I posted about him on FB.

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im vaping

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"lol, Ghoul shat on National Socialism for being unproductive and a few days later shits his pants and abandons nationalism entirely. A neat fitting end for the thread, with his own actions he proved precisely why hardcore nazis are necessary."

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ya'll dont wanna hear my breathing over it

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svartskjorta, I learned vaping from fellow factory workers trying to save money

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hence why I do it

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im not apologizing

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How does vaped cum taste?

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depends on my diet

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just kidding my man, vaping is fine

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vaping is for subhumans

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i have injun on both sides of my family soooo........

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I could get the benefits if i wanted!!!

2017-01-29 05:21:02 UTC  

though I have no idea what my tribe would be

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Whoever wants to understand TradWorker must first know vaping.

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>vaping and not smoking cigs like a true white man

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vape taste like gay. who wants to smoke vanilla or apple flavor? shitty tasting tobacco is for real cool guyz

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It was a decent enough article, but I wouldn't consider shitposting work. Well, that copypaste covered how I feel pretty well. I don't wanna come off as "haha check my gigantic nazi balls" but I don't think KYS while chased by cops is a major danger for future movement figures to be. I dunno, Enoch fucked up but he didn't go IRL either.

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You get bothered much less on the streets than in the net.

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And that's a fact.'

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I use entirely unflavored vapes. Agree on the "unicorn milk" flavors.

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Jesus, what is this place?

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The problem here is that the men on the street are created by the digital milieu.

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Everyone starts off in the net, and when they're sufficiently hc they take it IRL. That's how it goes, right?