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2017-01-29 05:19:22 UTC  

depends on my diet

2017-01-29 05:20:02 UTC  

just kidding my man, vaping is fine

2017-01-29 05:20:12 UTC  

vaping is for subhumans

2017-01-29 05:20:43 UTC  

i have injun on both sides of my family soooo........

2017-01-29 05:20:56 UTC  

I could get the benefits if i wanted!!!

2017-01-29 05:21:02 UTC  

though I have no idea what my tribe would be

2017-01-29 05:21:19 UTC  

Whoever wants to understand TradWorker must first know vaping.

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2017-01-29 05:23:08 UTC  

>vaping and not smoking cigs like a true white man

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vape taste like gay. who wants to smoke vanilla or apple flavor? shitty tasting tobacco is for real cool guyz

2017-01-29 05:24:10 UTC  

It was a decent enough article, but I wouldn't consider shitposting work. Well, that copypaste covered how I feel pretty well. I don't wanna come off as "haha check my gigantic nazi balls" but I don't think KYS while chased by cops is a major danger for future movement figures to be. I dunno, Enoch fucked up but he didn't go IRL either.

2017-01-29 05:24:24 UTC  

You get bothered much less on the streets than in the net.

2017-01-29 05:24:29 UTC  

And that's a fact.'

2017-01-29 05:24:33 UTC  

I use entirely unflavored vapes. Agree on the "unicorn milk" flavors.

2017-01-29 05:24:54 UTC  

Jesus, what is this place?

2017-01-29 05:25:22 UTC  

The problem here is that the men on the street are created by the digital milieu.

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2017-01-29 05:25:49 UTC  

Everyone starts off in the net, and when they're sufficiently hc they take it IRL. That's how it goes, right?

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2017-01-29 05:26:40 UTC  

I got into NRM entirely through my net contacts. But back in 2014 early 2015 shit was way different.

2017-01-29 05:26:46 UTC  

Before Trump And the Grand Mudflood.

2017-01-29 05:27:28 UTC  

There was some sort of nationalist presence on the streets I guess (?), but absolutely nothing like you're seeing today.

2017-01-29 05:27:48 UTC  

Who knows what you guys have achieved by the end of the year?

2017-01-29 05:28:42 UTC  

We're definitely trying to mobilize street action, and understand that it's the most important thing.

2017-01-29 05:29:43 UTC  

Not saying that. Just repeating what we've said here before. The progress of Nationalist International has been unbelievable, to describe it with a word.

2017-01-29 05:30:22 UTC  

Full agreement.

2017-01-29 05:30:27 UTC  

"Times they are a-changin"

2017-01-29 05:35:31 UTC  

Hell, we're finally beginning to get something real and National Socialist together here in New Sodom, Canada. Leaps and bounds from the stagnation that set in after the B&H/Volksfront feud in the 90s.

2017-01-29 05:36:24 UTC  

No shit?

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>comparing Nige to the alcoholic bloated toadlike cryptokike

2017-01-29 05:38:16 UTC  

Not cool.

2017-01-29 05:38:33 UTC  

All upgrades.

2017-01-29 05:40:13 UTC  

@Kombat-Unit Ye, different direction than street activism tho. We're looking at building a self-sufficient IRL community in rural British Columbia, homes, agriculture, basic businesses etc to be a life raft when it all goes down. Similar to what Craig Cobb tried to do without all the retarded fanfare.

2017-01-29 05:40:51 UTC  

Because of Geography here, very difficult to build, let alone sustain some sort of national movement

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2017-01-29 05:43:46 UTC  

We're planning something like that without going into too much detail. If you have several dozen activists living a few minutes from one another, you practically own that neighborhood.