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2017-04-21 10:53:57 UTC  

Based marh

2017-04-21 10:53:57 UTC  


2017-04-21 10:54:17 UTC  

Well I've still got my job lol

2017-04-21 10:54:30 UTC  

That's always good

2017-04-21 10:59:06 UTC  

They pissed or what?

2017-04-21 11:40:22 UTC  

The leaders/organizers. In ase anyone has to wade into the fray.

2017-04-21 11:42:12 UTC  

They are tearing down the confederate memorials in Charlottesville, Va.

2017-04-21 11:42:25 UTC  

Not antifa, the gov.

2017-04-21 12:02:04 UTC  


2017-04-21 12:02:20 UTC  

You know most synagogues are subsidised by DHS?

2017-04-21 12:27:34 UTC  

So we we are paying for the kikes

2017-04-21 12:27:41 UTC  

To worship the devil

2017-04-21 13:06:03 UTC  

Anyone doing a hotel for next weekend?

2017-04-21 13:50:55 UTC  

I am camping. Have a 4 man tent.

2017-04-21 14:13:34 UTC  

I debated the hotel idea... running water sounded good, but ultimately decided I wasn't coming 3000 miles to see a Pikeville hotel room w/ antifa twats roaming around... at least this was my logic.

2017-04-21 14:28:00 UTC  

I may just get a hotel, fuck it

2017-04-21 14:28:27 UTC  

I always end up sleeping horribly if I don't have the right shit when I camp

2017-04-21 14:30:42 UTC  

I want to kill a jew and steal his shekels so i can come to pikeville

2017-04-21 14:30:58 UTC  

Fuckin gutted i cant go

2017-04-21 15:01:35 UTC  

I got a hotel for Saturday night, since the events will be going into the evening. I might try and sleep in the rental car Friday

2017-04-21 15:02:15 UTC  

So what kind of black shirt is recommended? T-shirt?

2017-04-21 15:03:53 UTC  

Illegal, how much did that set you back b

2017-04-21 15:03:56 UTC  


2017-04-21 15:04:05 UTC  

I'm planning on camping

2017-04-21 15:04:22 UTC  

Got a couple tents if anyone needs one

2017-04-21 15:11:14 UTC  

Shit I would take you up goy, but I'm just gonna get a hotel, I may have to do some work bullshit earlier in the mornings

2017-04-21 15:11:30 UTC  

Appreciate the offer

2017-04-21 15:18:16 UTC  


2017-04-21 15:18:34 UTC  

I wouldn't mind taking you up on that offer

2017-04-21 15:18:39 UTC  


2017-04-21 15:19:29 UTC  

$700- flight from NE + one night's hotel room

2017-04-21 15:19:48 UTC  

It was either this or auburn

2017-04-21 15:56:02 UTC  

Where did you fly into?

2017-04-21 15:57:41 UTC  

I will fly into Lexington

2017-04-21 15:57:47 UTC  

then I'll have to drive 2 hours

2017-04-21 16:00:12 UTC  

@Illegal Aryan black button up

2017-04-21 16:00:31 UTC  

Short or long sleeve, long is more aesthetic

2017-04-21 16:10:58 UTC  

Any TradWorker shirts on sale at the event?