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2018-01-15 05:37:17 UTC  

yeah we need to catch up to the europeans basically

2018-01-15 05:38:00 UTC  

We do, in so many ways

2018-01-15 05:38:31 UTC  

We had a leaderhip meeting of the NF this weekend, we're standardizing a lot of things for public demos and adding some great new policies, we're gonna get to Euro level very quickly

2018-01-15 05:38:54 UTC  

Excellent. Is the new Action! coming out today?

2018-01-15 05:39:09 UTC  

yep, recorded it tonight

2018-01-15 05:39:19 UTC  

itll be up by the morning

2018-01-15 05:39:31 UTC  

excellent. Just getting caught up

2018-01-15 05:43:43 UTC  

though I think a third person might be a benefit in your format

2018-01-15 05:44:05 UTC  

and maybe some delineated segments

2018-01-15 05:44:09 UTC  

yep yep. But we're instituting some great changes i think everyone will like. And parrott was on tonight

2018-01-15 05:44:15 UTC  

gonna have some euro guests in the next month

2018-01-15 05:44:18 UTC  


2018-01-15 05:45:24 UTC  

I think that splitting it into a current events section, philosophy section, interview etc would be a positive change. I'm always interested in hearing leadership's position on current events

2018-01-15 05:45:44 UTC  

but that's just my opinion as a listener

2018-01-15 05:46:14 UTC  

also, you need to get a section of your own in the sidebar of TWP website

2018-01-15 05:46:42 UTC  

agreed on all fronts my friend

2018-01-15 05:48:38 UTC  

Thank you

2018-01-15 05:55:22 UTC  

I listened to the first Action! tonight. I'm real glad yall are doing that, it's better and more informative than TRS.

2018-01-15 06:50:15 UTC  

I love you guys in TWP. this discord helped me meet a guy in the area who is super motivated

2018-01-15 06:50:42 UTC  

Illinois has a dedicated community for the first time in decades

2018-01-15 07:27:29 UTC  


2018-01-15 08:17:50 UTC  

Just to recap the events of this weekend.............

2018-01-15 10:16:04 UTC  

one of my favorits

2018-01-15 12:14:14 UTC  

Happy Kang Nigger day!

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2018-01-15 13:11:57 UTC  

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2018-01-15 13:12:15 UTC  

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2018-01-15 13:21:07 UTC  

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2018-01-15 13:21:18 UTC  

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2018-01-15 13:31:35 UTC  

ey cuh who tryna sell me an xbox

2018-01-15 13:31:52 UTC  

need da muhfuga uhh new one ya

2018-01-15 13:32:00 UTC  

xbox 720

2018-01-15 13:33:48 UTC  

Is this the part where we larp as niggers?

2018-01-15 13:35:02 UTC  


2018-01-15 13:35:05 UTC  

You have to do that IRL

2018-01-15 13:35:19 UTC  

Bold? Maybe