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2017-06-16 21:52:52 UTC  

Heil Heimbach

2017-06-16 21:53:24 UTC  

For sure

2017-06-16 21:59:44 UTC

2017-06-16 22:04:28 UTC

2017-06-16 22:07:47 UTC

2017-06-16 22:08:03 UTC  

All day errday up in da Illinoiz

2017-06-16 22:16:43 UTC  


2017-06-16 22:17:47 UTC  

I've been watching those videos everyday when I wake up @AltCelt(IL)

2017-06-16 22:18:07 UTC  

They are motivating as hell

2017-06-16 22:19:58 UTC

2017-06-16 22:50:16 UTC  

Watch "The Lion European Nationalism" on YouTube @tom (twp)

2017-06-16 22:50:46 UTC  

There are alot of good ones. Our motivation wont be in vain.

2017-06-17 00:17:54 UTC  

Hey there everyone, quick question. I just got an email from a guy named Chris Johnson, says he's the Texas commander for the TWP. Just wanted to check up and see if he's legit, don't want to give out my information to too many of the wrong people, you know?

2017-06-17 00:18:02 UTC  


2017-06-17 00:18:10 UTC  

he is one of our new Regional Commander's

2017-06-17 00:18:21 UTC  


2017-06-17 00:18:23 UTC  

Ahh awesome, thanks!

2017-06-17 00:18:57 UTC  

NP. Chris is a great guy, very active, looks like a viking

2017-06-17 01:42:50 UTC  

Hey Matt, is there gonna be anyone for MD?

2017-06-17 03:10:53 UTC  

Psyop idea: put up our posters over antifas, hang out nearby, then when someone tries to rip it down take a pic of them ripping our sign down but at an angle where you can't see who's sign it is then send it anon to antifas email being all I SAW THIS PERSON RIPPING DOWN YOUR SIGNS. Naturally they jump the gun and post a be on the lookout and possibly threaten the person

2017-06-17 05:13:10 UTC  

Hey where can I aquire a flag I'll be at an event in DC next weekend

2017-06-17 05:20:27 UTC  

I would like to represent us

2017-06-17 12:41:38 UTC  


2017-06-17 15:37:01 UTC  

Good morning weimerica

2017-06-17 15:38:25 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach great clip from a great movie

2017-06-17 15:38:51 UTC  

Is there going to be another meeting this thursday?

2017-06-17 15:42:05 UTC  


2017-06-17 15:42:23 UTC  

I am triggering the Libtarded this morning 😂

2017-06-17 15:43:25 UTC  

I gotta fuck w/ (((The Oaf Queefers))) sometime.

2017-06-17 15:57:45 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach this is Paul, you guys finally convinced me that I should join TWP

2017-06-17 16:46:33 UTC  

Who's all going to Charlottesville on Aug 12?

2017-06-17 17:03:19 UTC  

I'll be there

2017-06-17 17:04:14 UTC  

I'm going. Worried about parking though.

2017-06-17 17:05:00 UTC  

I'm trying to get these organizers (loose term) to get some kind of shuttle set up

2017-06-17 17:05:13 UTC  

Worst case is the Detroit Reich Wings figure it out and implement it ourselves

2017-06-17 17:05:34 UTC  

That name is awesome!

2017-06-17 17:10:05 UTC  

Party bus