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Was that comic supposed to be anti Nazi

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Good leaders will always honor heros

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Fascist dance party when?

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I took it as pro nazi, but maybe? Idk, looks like a typical weekend for me

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Great activism!!!

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Manson's dead. For anyone who wants to know that.

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@AltCelt(IL) in a sense, that is possibly the most accurate thing Jones has said

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Got a new phone number. If I know you personally, PM me, email me, or contact me via twp dashboard and i will give you my new number.

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Manson was natsoc.

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ATWA nibbers.

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Helter Skelter was his prophesied vision of the race war and its aftermath where he would emerge with his cult as a new religious leader, a neo-Pontifex Maximus of sorts.

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(gotta be logged in for the link to work)

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I can't reset my password. Host may have disabled mail function?

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It keeps dropping the connection when I "relogin" also

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Working on it. :/

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Can Tel Aviv hacc us?

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This server is hosted at Mossad HQ

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Okay. I believe it will work for both of you now.

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My hacker friend is trying to find an exploit, and this new XMPP server is getting a bunch of flooding attempts that are knocking it offline while I guess-and-check where the weaknesses are.

2017-11-20 16:07:12 UTC  

Nothing's been hacked. Just routine port flooding and such.

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I have a dedicated bitmitigate service forwarding thing set up on it which, in theory, will protect it from DDOS. But there are several different flavors of "flooding" to account for.

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This tranny was the weak link that allowed me to infiltrate a state-wide action and recruitment network for revolutionary communists.
He apparently decided several months ago that he was no longer RevCom and was working with the Sons of Odin, which is odd since I marched with them in Chicago once for a WLM event.
Now apparently he's a roman larper and also a tranny and back to being a communist again.

2017-11-20 16:58:36 UTC  

If anyone wants to let them know they have a tranny communist as a member you should

2017-11-20 17:20:58 UTC  

Yaw Michigan ni🅱️🅱️as is goofy