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2017-04-20 22:20:54 UTC  

Well and our intended goal is a reduction in (((Jew-niversity))) admissions whilst putting intense Societal Strain upon them and ultimately having them gradually shut down.

2017-04-20 22:22:32 UTC  

A degree is already close to equal to toilet paper. Universities are digging their own graves

2017-04-20 22:22:38 UTC  

Media can keep trying, but our younger society have been brought up in an age of sarcasm and pessimism. It will have to change it's game in a very big way if they want to keep up.

2017-04-20 22:23:09 UTC  

True. But we want to further catalyze that process.

2017-04-20 22:23:18 UTC  

Very true, theres a huge generational gap with regards to information

2017-04-20 22:24:04 UTC  

Their culture is to perceive everything as fake.

2017-04-20 22:24:26 UTC  

Its the final defense mechanism

2017-04-20 22:24:58 UTC  

Dude, that's dark.

2017-04-20 22:25:04 UTC  

We can also try using Block-Chain Based Social Media alternatives (or even supporting those initiatives) to broadcast our message to the youth.

2017-04-20 22:25:31 UTC  

Anyone here know shortwave?

2017-04-20 22:25:41 UTC  

Either way the goal is to show folks exactly what they're funding by sending their children to college and no.

2017-04-20 22:26:50 UTC  

Memes have been extremely powerful in reaching the youth

2017-04-20 22:27:22 UTC  

True. Ive always seen potential for them being effective as PSYOPs.

2017-04-20 22:27:22 UTC  

rare pepes are traded like trading cards

2017-04-20 22:28:27 UTC  

They will be the first generation (Z) on our road back to recovery.

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2017-04-20 22:30:31 UTC  

Groundwork has been laid. Research done.
It was the shift of global consciousness that needed to happen next.

2017-04-20 22:48:17 UTC  

I have no degree and make more money than my waifu does with her 4 year degree

2017-04-20 22:48:24 UTC  

She's 3d

2017-04-20 22:49:35 UTC  

Fuck. my dad was a PHD in Economics and he kept getting fucked by everyone he worked w/ as a consultant. Fuck that.

2017-04-21 00:29:08 UTC  

That's a badass movie

2017-04-21 00:29:35 UTC  

God he was a fucking great man

2017-04-21 00:30:02 UTC  

He certainly was. Alongside Pavelic.

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Anyone in Appalachia pm me

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Anyone on here? Just wondering.

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Good evening

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What up?

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Cooking some Mac n cheese, late night dinner. How about you?

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Basically me right now

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Im trying to obtain Anti-FAg and Black Lies Matter IPs.

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Just gotta wait.

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Y'all wish me luck Im going back to work today

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Good luck bro, how's the shit today