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so we can sort you into your respective role

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I fly solo myself less to stab u in the back

2017-06-07 00:51:09 UTC  

lmao you fly with us bitch

2017-06-07 00:55:50 UTC  

Iol so i do but out off the loop lately and well ive tried keeping real name out of it im making a custom respirator and such to conceal my face at any event i may attend after all im planing a political run

2017-06-07 00:56:16 UTC  

oh shit

2017-06-07 00:56:37 UTC  

I too plan on running for office one day.

2017-06-07 00:57:23 UTC  

Nice im shooting for county commissioner where i am

2017-06-07 00:57:48 UTC  

Thats as far as i want to go

2017-06-07 01:09:07 UTC  

-added Privantua to Virginiaryans

2017-06-07 01:10:26 UTC  

I'd like to go as far as I can with it. I have no delusions I'll ever be president or even a senator or U.S House Rep. but maybe a state level rep.

2017-06-07 01:12:26 UTC  

I don't know if I've already been sorted, but I'm here from Identity Dixie

2017-06-07 01:12:45 UTC  

Looks like it, nvm

2017-06-07 01:15:55 UTC  

Im just in the main group not in any the sub chat

2017-06-07 01:36:35 UTC  

@youssef i got added from a link in the facebook chat thats planning the Unite The Right event in Charlottesville

2017-06-07 01:37:30 UTC  
2017-06-07 01:37:44 UTC  

so its about a 9hr drive

2017-06-07 01:37:54 UTC  

from me to you

2017-06-07 01:38:25 UTC  

so if i do some good long term planning

2017-06-07 01:38:52 UTC  

i may be able to attend our event thea goy

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2017-06-07 01:39:48 UTC  

could you plan a flight here

2017-06-07 01:39:54 UTC  

for that time

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2017-06-07 04:32:17 UTC  

why not

2017-06-07 04:32:22 UTC  

yoi fucking asshole

2017-06-07 04:32:33 UTC  

its for our group event

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2017-06-07 23:47:59 UTC  

when's the next podcast

2017-06-07 23:48:40 UTC  

-. -

2017-06-07 23:50:20 UTC  

Nick me and u should start one Walrus and the Octokike

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im trying to pull away from the kike stuff a little bit so

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2017-06-08 00:04:40 UTC  

we need to bring the whole crew back

2017-06-08 00:04:47 UTC  

we need to do the shoe again

2017-06-08 00:04:57 UTC  

it was a good show

2017-06-08 00:05:13 UTC  

this time we can clean it up nice