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Remove Communism, Polska stronk

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@chill with that shit
Without nationalism, Poland will never roll with Socialism. Lol. Bring on the Strasser squad!

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Poland stronk kurwa

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Lenin gave most of Ukraine their land

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Yeah it's sad
Yet today they hate Soviets lol

He prolly should have gave more land to say Belarus instead

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Lwów is rightfully Polish

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I think I found a NAZBOL.

Aleksander WoŇākowycki
Belarusian-Polish, teacher and a communist preacher from Podlachia, joined the PPS, was an NKVD and Gestapo agent. Reported the "Inka" and was killed by Polish Home Army.
Patron of one street and a school.

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PPS, NKVD and Gestapo. That's like THREE mutually exclusive things.

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west prussia is rightfully german

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fuck off nazi

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this is LEFTYPOL

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how is this any better:

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Kacperino: Lwów is rightfully Polish

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Lwow has Polish roots ...

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pommerania has german roots...

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prussia has german roots...

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if you buy sandwich in Russia it makes you german ?

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@Sir.ŠõČalkALot Can you go back to NAZI GERMANY ūüė°

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can you at least present me with an argument?

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if pommeranians lived in pommerania for ages and they have been driven away, by what right are you claiming lwów for poland, that cannot be used to claim pommerania for germany?

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Poland has given the territory to Ukraine as a prize its simple history

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what are you going to do about this?

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@Tune but by what right has poland taken west prussia?

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poland is a bunch of dumb GAYS

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or pommerania

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or silesia?

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hey, i'm not saying poland should give back west prussia

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that would be incredibly expensive and quite...pointless