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2019-03-13 01:46:47 UTC  

The name Palestinian referring to Arabs only is false.

2019-03-13 01:46:54 UTC  

What do you mean

2019-03-13 01:47:10 UTC  

In the end I want Israel to own a lot more but that is not feasible now.

2019-03-13 01:47:32 UTC  

I do not support the 1967 borders as they are unsafe.

2019-03-13 01:47:46 UTC  

I'll show you what I support *now*

2019-03-13 01:48:52 UTC  

i cant find my copy paste saying that semitism is a language, and palastinians are semites too. so jews are the true anti semites

2019-03-13 01:49:18 UTC  

That map is false

2019-03-13 01:49:36 UTC  

it isnt

2019-03-13 01:49:40 UTC  

Yes give me a second

2019-03-13 01:49:43 UTC  

I have to remake it

2019-03-13 01:49:54 UTC  

israel has settlements all over

2019-03-13 01:50:10 UTC  

the church had land there to

2019-03-13 01:50:14 UTC  

they sold it

2019-03-13 01:51:38 UTC  

when israel gets to build the tample on the dome of the rock the ismaels will start their war killing a lot of ppl

2019-03-13 01:51:44 UTC  

after which a mop up will commence

2019-03-13 01:51:56 UTC  

every one dies or ges fucked up

2019-03-13 01:52:38 UTC  

This including the Golan

2019-03-13 01:52:49 UTC  

the soldiers fuck with the building sites

2019-03-13 01:52:55 UTC  

Israel should have all of the blue and the Golan Heights

2019-03-13 01:52:56 UTC  

and building is blocked

2019-03-13 01:53:20 UTC  

"found a bomb" and detonate some c4 in the building site etc

2019-03-13 01:53:23 UTC  

shit like that

2019-03-13 01:53:33 UTC  

The Golan Heights isn’t on that Map for Israel’s

2019-03-13 01:53:37 UTC  

So I was just telling you

2019-03-13 01:53:47 UTC  

create a riot nearby and have it flow in to the build site to stall building

2019-03-13 01:53:59 UTC  

In Gaza and the non-settlement areas

2019-03-13 01:54:08 UTC  

they own the entirety of the sysrian golan heights

2019-03-13 01:54:27 UTC

2019-03-13 01:54:42 UTC  

well, stole"

2019-03-13 01:54:43 UTC  

Israel has rightfully had the Golan since 1967

2019-03-13 01:54:58 UTC  

@Parasitaxus it is the most valuable except Hamas owns it (Gaza)

2019-03-13 01:54:59 UTC  

it wasnt rightfully

2019-03-13 01:55:04 UTC  

War of self Defense

2019-03-13 01:55:18 UTC  

the attack was based on a false flag

2019-03-13 01:55:25 UTC  

the russians spread rumours

2019-03-13 01:55:34 UTC  

isreal had the us back them up.

2019-03-13 01:55:47 UTC

2019-03-13 01:55:47 UTC  

and attacked the arab states as they wanted the excuse

2019-03-13 01:55:59 UTC  


2019-03-13 01:56:03 UTC  

The Jews accepted that