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2018-02-04 21:26:42 UTC  

rates every state 1-5 stars based on 30-40 different criteria

2018-02-04 21:27:00 UTC  

ID and UT were the only 5 star rated states

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Is that the Daily Stormer under a new name?

2018-02-05 01:20:12 UTC  

the interface looks identical

2018-02-05 02:06:33 UTC  

@Hadrian Might be a clone website.

2018-02-05 02:06:55 UTC  

The school responded

2018-02-05 02:17:09 UTC  

They're sorry and they'll bring in a rabbi and a holohoax "survivor" to talk to the kids

2018-02-05 09:53:33 UTC  

Highly recommended, and quick read

2018-02-05 13:42:46 UTC  

I was hoping it would be something like that

2018-02-05 18:10:51 UTC  

@here the above book outlines how to effectively communicate with media, but it extends to police as well

2018-02-05 18:13:20 UTC  

Excellent. Thanks for posting

2018-02-05 18:35:34 UTC  

Its important, and a quick read

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I managed my day in a way that allowed me to set aside time to read this

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about the protocols of zion, has anyone truly verified it as legit document or no?

2018-02-06 16:32:27 UTC  

You doubt it?

2018-02-06 16:33:15 UTC  

Wikipedia says it’s fabricated so it’s definitely 100% real

2018-02-06 16:33:27 UTC  

lol yeah

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2018-02-06 16:33:48 UTC  

my take is that the document is too convenient in what it presents

2018-02-06 16:33:48 UTC  

Wikipedia = information the Jews are cool with you knowing

2018-02-06 16:33:55 UTC  

or so it appears

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2018-02-06 16:34:23 UTC  

i need to dig deeper...but overall I distrust first before I trust

2018-02-06 16:34:35 UTC  

thats a rule that has worked well for me when it comes to the interwebs 😄

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2018-02-06 16:38:22 UTC  

Elders of Zion is a fake

2018-02-06 16:38:29 UTC  

But its also real

2018-02-06 16:39:05 UTC  

The document itself is fake, but it is a distillation of what they actually believe into a form that the masses can digest more easily than the 5,000 page talmud

2018-02-06 16:39:10 UTC  

((( )))

2018-02-06 16:42:29 UTC  

i like your take on it @Hadrian

2018-02-06 16:42:37 UTC  

making jew sounds

2018-02-06 16:47:23 UTC  

Most of what's in the Protocols is also in the Talmud, just obscured by hiding it in other passages and using euphemisms so the goyim won't put it together

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Hey. I was wondering if I could have some help with something.

2018-02-07 23:00:16 UTC  

I was wanting to write some fascist fiction with good messaging. I have a few stories in the works, but I have a hard time concentrating on one.

2018-02-07 23:05:42 UTC  

I'm somewhat of a writer