Message from Jelly MI in MI Goy Scouts - Official 👌 #enlisted_chat

2017-12-30 22:57:41 UTC  

If you need to smile evoke a funny thought, like a fat person falling

2017-12-30 22:57:56 UTC  

That's good advice actually

2017-12-30 22:58:18 UTC  

Imagine something funny

2017-12-30 22:58:24 UTC  

I'll definitely try that

2017-12-30 22:58:46 UTC  

I mostly deal with old white boomers though

2017-12-30 22:58:52 UTC  

So the hate runs deap

2017-12-30 22:58:54 UTC  


2017-12-30 22:59:11 UTC  

I'll imagine them dying

2017-12-30 23:00:16 UTC  

Imagine them getting their wives raped by "Asian" rape gangs

2017-12-30 23:01:09 UTC  

I'll imagine the one conservative Muslim and remember that America is just an idea

2017-12-30 23:01:20 UTC  

And that we need more police

2017-12-30 23:02:06 UTC  

I'll thank god that I still have the constitution

2017-12-30 23:02:36 UTC  

So when all the women are raped

2017-12-30 23:02:55 UTC  

That constitution is really there and at the backbone of this nation

2017-12-30 23:05:16 UTC  


2017-12-30 23:06:00 UTC  

When you let in people's with transgressive views to your own, they out breed you in twenty years and view to exterminate you, but at least it was Democratic

2017-12-30 23:07:02 UTC  

Yeah I mean that's a constitutional right to be outbred and exterminated by a foreign population

2017-12-30 23:25:53 UTC  

I'm going to work on the logo

2017-12-30 23:26:02 UTC  

The shield is going to be tricky

2017-12-31 13:35:32 UTC  

Wtf, I love Macron now.

2017-12-31 17:44:27 UTC  


2017-12-31 19:31:08 UTC  

Btw is Thomas from PF Christian?

2017-12-31 23:58:22 UTC  

I bet he is

2017-12-31 23:58:33 UTC  

A lot of Texans are

2017-12-31 23:59:13 UTC  

from what Steve told me, most of PF is Christian

2017-12-31 23:59:33 UTC  

Just curious tbh

2017-12-31 23:59:46 UTC  

it's not a Christian org though

2018-01-01 00:00:17 UTC  

as far as New Year's resolutions, We should resolve to have 20 guys by the end of the year

2018-01-01 00:00:19 UTC  

it's doable

2018-01-01 00:00:46 UTC  

we've already been gaining at least 1 new guy a month the past three months

2018-01-01 00:00:50 UTC  

Haha I like Patrick's idea of doubling ourselves

2018-01-01 00:01:02 UTC  

we need to get 14 more, that's a little more than 1 a month

2018-01-01 00:01:22 UTC  

and now we got two teams of three on each side of the state = double the recruiting

2018-01-01 00:02:26 UTC  

20 is very realistic, screw doubling, we're gunna triple

2018-01-01 00:02:54 UTC  

No we are all going to be well over 300 pounds

2018-01-01 00:03:25 UTC  


2018-01-01 00:03:49 UTC  

our New Year's Resolution should be to sink at least one refugee boat...

2018-01-01 00:03:57 UTC  


2018-01-01 00:08:23 UTC  

They asked my religious views and I thought that might have been a hiccup.