Message from arcloop in MI Goy Scouts - Official πŸ‘Œ #enlisted_chat

2018-02-03 04:09:48 UTC  

it's the potato internet

2018-02-03 04:09:53 UTC  

voice chat me bro

2018-02-03 04:10:08 UTC  

shouldnt be an issue, make sure computer is hooked in via ethernet

2018-02-03 04:10:26 UTC  

i will in a second, i gotta run out for a sec be back in 7 minutes ish

2018-02-03 04:10:37 UTC  

I have crazy rural internet

2018-02-03 04:10:49 UTC  


2018-02-03 04:11:23 UTC  

We're at about an 8.5 on Siege posting, we're gonna need to bring it down to about a 5.

2018-02-03 04:11:46 UTC  

Can’t we just bring back alc right rises

2018-02-03 04:11:54 UTC  

I was Siege posting in voice chat with thomas tongiht

2018-02-03 04:12:10 UTC  

he has not read it

2018-02-03 04:12:15 UTC  

I even asked

2018-02-03 04:13:15 UTC  

So, he countered by shit talking AW. And I explained how none of the idiots that became a happening have read Siege. Else, they wouldn't have become a happening they way they did.

2018-02-03 04:15:05 UTC  

@Deimos-MI le 75%

2018-02-03 04:15:58 UTC  

Helter skelter when?

2018-02-03 04:16:08 UTC  

These things take time.

2018-02-03 04:16:47 UTC

2018-02-03 04:16:54 UTC  

It was good for me to get some serious voice chat wityh Thomas tonight.

2018-02-03 04:17:10 UTC  

I got his stance on a few things that were bugging me, and we're mostly on the same page.

2018-02-03 04:18:37 UTC  

We should invade a storytelling cafe night and just read passages from siege, white power and tales from the trough

2018-02-03 04:18:42 UTC

2018-02-03 04:19:10 UTC  

Good. They should be afraid.

2018-02-03 04:19:16 UTC  

The truth will out.

2018-02-03 04:23:44 UTC  

I am shocked that "article" passed the editor's desk. Reporting on some shit said by random people on a forum?

2018-02-03 04:27:18 UTC  

when siege gets on kindle ill read it

2018-02-03 04:27:21 UTC  

ill check tonight

2018-02-03 04:28:55 UTC  

im kind of meh on audio books

2018-02-03 04:29:03 UTC  

but ill give it the old college try

2018-02-03 04:33:55 UTC  

you should watch

2018-02-03 04:38:19 UTC  

im sorry atm im making ryan oh a fashwave ohio flag

2018-02-03 04:47:11 UTC  

ryan if you dont like the earlier mi flags, have an ohio adaptation i made just now half drunk

2018-02-03 04:53:04 UTC  

@Patrick MI Very nice. Much improved over the original.

2018-02-03 05:07:34 UTC  

Thanks for the work @Patrick MI

2018-02-03 05:19:54 UTC  

haha np guys\

2018-02-03 08:32:48 UTC  

@everyone meeting Sunday in east Lansing at noon

2018-02-03 08:33:17 UTC  

what are we doing?

2018-02-03 08:49:45 UTC  

Postering MSU

2018-02-03 12:27:16 UTC  

Sounds fun

2018-02-03 15:37:33 UTC  

I wont be able to make it today. Gl goys

2018-02-03 16:10:24 UTC  

Today's Saturday @Himmler MI