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Gang gang

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I remember when I had my first beer.

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Well, so much for impeachment.

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Haha Feinstein was loving him during that little chat they were having

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Laughing and clapping, etc.

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Basically identitarians are countersignaling nationalists even through identitarians deep down want what we want. Identitarianism is basically about “muh whiteness” “muh demographic displacement”, and “muh crime rates” rather than being boots on the ground, and saying this is my country it belongs to me and my children, and this is my birthright, and you will not take it from us without resistance

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All of the “muhs” that I stayed above are still valid; however no policy; or public opinion will really shift if we resort to “but muh” nationalism

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I respect identitarianism as a movement; however it’s more of a Europe thing, nationalism is imbued within American culture itself.

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I agree

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Idenitarians want WN, but without the label, but its a confusing message then. The only benefit is that maybe someone is more likely to be WI at first then see WN is the only legitimate solution

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Very few people in America are actually "identitartians" even Patrick Casey and damigo are all white nationalists who have adopted the title for various reasons. Mostly due to cultural pressure.

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I agree with the thoughts explained in the article. White Nationalism, as a school of thought and a label similar to what the article describes, has been mostly made useless. Not sure to what degree tactics fit into ideology, but there is a significant correlation.

I still, and will continue to think, that the American habit to bypass their **national** identity, and instead focus solely on their **racial** identity, the two of which are vastly different, is a mistake that other nations have not made, and could be undeniably a reason for America's lack of substantive nationalist movements.

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@Josh OH is right. They are WNs but they don’t want the label

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In Europe however there are followers of Guiome Faye who do belive in the ideology as it is.

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It really boils down to whether or not you are a revolutionary in my opinion.

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Naive too

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Or optics

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If White identitarianism was pro-segregation and right of Association (allow discrimination) then I could see it being something that could be helpful

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I could see it as a stepping stone to an ethnostate

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I’d consider nationalism to the right of Identitarianism. I started off as a liberal, then libertarian, then conservative, then paleocon , then Identitarian, and I’m at Nationalist right now.

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I'm not sure if that specifically is what the article is pointing out. Both the 1.0 spheres and the Identitarian crowd ignore national identity in place of a more broad reaching conception of racial identity, at least in America. They would be vastly better suited to focus on their own people, their own nation, and let other nations do the same.

Identitarianism is a movement which is open about its goals to simply influence the thought of the race as a whole. However unlikely or difficult, it's nothing that's wrong to do. It's not something so easily placed on a left/right spectrum.

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PF imo has the best position: identity of racecand nation.

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Whether a movement is revolutionary or not ultimately comes down to tactics. Any significant divergence from the status quo could reasonably be called revolutionary. It's whether or not you plan to get there.

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People don't realize that the state used force and policy to diversify this country and it can use the same state and policy to undiversify it. Obviously there will be people who resist and there will be violence. But there was violence during desegregation as well.

2018-02-28 22:36:09 UTC  

@Josh OH We don't talk about other nations. Other nations don't fit into our platform. My nation comes first in all things. I care about other nations that share my race more than I do ones that do not, but I am not fighting for them. I am not fighting for Germans, or Italians, or Swedes, or Boers, or Australians. I'm fighting for Americans, for my nation. I expect them to do the same.

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Where can I get one of these flags?

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@Donald OH They're not official.

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Today is. Tough day

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Yeah I think it's hard for Americans to get behind a movement that extends beyond their Nation and requires them to Forfeit their American identity

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We can’t forget our heritage though