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2019-08-07 01:55:54 UTC  


2019-08-07 01:56:12 UTC  

Then he droves home, he has d4iven from the bar to here drunk as fuck before

2019-08-10 07:21:44 UTC  

Annnnnnnd I created a non fake fb account and sent friend requests to my family members. Gonna talk with'em and see what I can get

2019-08-10 07:22:07 UTC  


2019-08-10 07:22:39 UTC  

Yeah, sounding like a mercenarie, a scrub or just an opportunistic idiot, but I need to lift up my stakes

2019-08-10 07:23:35 UTC  

Didn't use to talk to them much. I deleted my old account 'cause I was really tired of getting messages and shit

2019-08-10 07:24:24 UTC  

But as I said, can't just wait for things to happen

2019-08-10 08:36:06 UTC  

I feel so lonely... i work so much and dont have hobbies or friends... and I firmly believe im going to die alone, a V, and before I turn 30... only 10 years left my dudes...

2019-08-10 08:36:17 UTC  

Vent closed.

2019-08-10 11:49:34 UTC  

@PanzerWrecker shit iwork hellas too. Go get drunk

2019-08-10 11:52:31 UTC  

Go to a bar with some of your coworkers panzer

2019-08-10 11:53:47 UTC  

Better than sitting around depressed. I force myself to party and get outside as much as possible for that reason

2019-08-10 11:54:15 UTC  


2019-08-10 12:40:20 UTC  

I work by myself for my entire shift. I don't really have friends. I just stay busy working on cars/trucks, doing stuff in the woods like practicing my stealth and camoflague, or messing with guns.

2019-08-10 13:01:24 UTC  

My boss drove to work from the bar drunk last night with his 5 or 6 yr old son in the back seat, orders a lyft on the company dime and goes hime

2019-08-10 16:04:14 UTC  

Im not old enough to drink yet... and i kinda want to save the experience as my 21st is my golden birthday (turning the age of the day you're born on)

2019-08-12 18:54:38 UTC  

Goddamn but I hate my job. Shit kakes me wanna comnit toaster bath.

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2019-08-12 18:54:51 UTC  

Anyone else here have a shitty job?

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2019-08-12 18:59:00 UTC  

@Capn' P I had a shitty job, now, I don't have a job at all lol

2019-08-12 18:59:15 UTC  

What's your job, fella?

2019-08-12 19:03:04 UTC  

I've been working as a custodian for 6 fucking years

2019-08-12 19:04:39 UTC  

I work for the gubbermint.

2019-08-12 19:05:06 UTC  
2019-08-12 19:21:54 UTC  

I work in sales in a shit location. Get on my level

2019-08-12 19:27:01 UTC  

Fuck this shit. Sideways. With a cactus.

2019-08-13 05:15:30 UTC  

I contacted the US Consulate near my city, made a question about enlistment an all. They almost said "fuck you, go contact the American Citizen Services, don't bother us"

2019-08-13 05:16:03 UTC  

Well that’s pretty not cash money of them

2019-08-13 05:16:17 UTC  

Now we wait (again) some days to see the answer

2019-08-13 05:16:33 UTC  

What do ya mean?

2019-08-13 05:16:45 UTC  

I mean they were being dicks

2019-08-13 05:16:49 UTC  

And not cool

2019-08-13 05:16:56 UTC  


2019-08-13 05:17:10 UTC  

Yeah like, heck

2019-08-13 05:17:21 UTC  

Just give a simple yes or no

2019-08-13 05:17:27 UTC  


2019-08-13 05:17:34 UTC  

But that’s the government for you

2019-08-13 05:17:48 UTC  


2019-08-13 05:17:53 UTC  

Could be worse

2019-08-13 05:18:02 UTC  

But could be better at the same hand