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2019-06-01 03:49:12 UTC  

Citizens United was a law that basically regulated how much corporations could donate to campaigns. It also regulated campaign finance in general.

2019-06-01 03:50:29 UTC  

What they did was they took it to the supreme court and claimed that the law violated 1st amendment rights for companies... except that companies aren't people. But they did it anyway. Now, companies can donate pretty much as much as they like without oversight or regulation to whoever they want. In essence, they own Congress

2019-06-01 03:51:31 UTC  

Between 1970 and 2000, they used lobbyists to get rid of all the regulation on financial institutions which led to the 2008 great recession

2019-06-01 03:52:05 UTC  

They got rid of the marginal corporate tax rate we had in the 50s and 60s which ensured that corporations would always pay more than people in taxes

2019-06-01 03:52:24 UTC  

They destroyed unions, and offshored jobs

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Alright question boys

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Would thisn

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The corporations are no different than the government

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unions are some commie shit tbh

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They used to work really well

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With the caption "Bhrn them out" be in bad taste?

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No it wouldn't be

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Lemme text you guys later. Gf is waiting on me

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@Deleted User with spell check, no

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Soy no habla beuno ingles

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Have the called us Nazis yet?

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I know this is random, but toads and frogs chase lasers..

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Grab a laser pointer and find a toad or frog

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They'll chase the dot

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New objectives: harass the toads

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my bad hit caps lock

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The fanbase doesnt like communists

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@Deleted User commies dont even like commies

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Commies hate themselves. Why do you think so many of them off themselves before we can?

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CUZ they follow a shit ideology

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It's a death cult

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I think i'm braindead

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I can't get my shit together near one girl i don't even like