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2019-07-22 21:55:48 UTC  

Symbol of power, essentially showing you have the power to carry out punshiments of the law, Atleast that’s what I remember from when I studied the romans

2019-07-22 21:57:48 UTC  

I find the tennants of fascism quite interesting. The symbols use in that meme was quite ironic. Considering communists locked up more people than the nazi's or fascists

2019-07-22 21:59:03 UTC  

@Foxhound you’ve gotta be more careful sparing, I’m doing kick boxing currently. Keeping your knees bent can help mitigate damage because they are more likely to fold. I’ve taken a couple good impacts to my knees in real fights and haven’t had lasting damage but I’ve also been relatively lucky!

2019-07-22 21:59:12 UTC  

Death to fascist, and commies

2019-07-22 22:00:28 UTC  

*Laughs in Fascist*

2019-07-22 22:00:55 UTC  

*disgust intensifies.

2019-07-22 22:01:47 UTC  

*not caring intensifies*

2019-07-22 22:02:45 UTC  

Look m8 I'm completely confortable with my beliefs, nationalistic and fascist both. People being disgusted really doesn't matter in the least to me

2019-07-22 22:02:53 UTC  

The world is a better place now

2019-07-22 22:04:15 UTC  

Very cool Kanye, thank you.

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Since we're just being childish now @moses

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Amusing. Enjoy your delusions. Can you even explain what you don't like about Fascism or are you just another "FaScIsT bAd"

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@AKAlexei whats your opinion on this?

2019-07-22 22:15:39 UTC  

Strong nationalism is essentially a code word for rasicm now. I also don’t enjoy authoritative rulers, or how just like extreme communism is very commonly based around a iron fisted dictatorship. Both sides of the coin disgust me.

2019-07-22 22:15:58 UTC  

A completely overblown shitty piece of edge lord propaganda that's the equivalent of saying all people with a few conservative values are nazis

2019-07-22 22:16:18 UTC  

As a bisexual person, I can tell you that it's utter nonsense

2019-07-22 22:18:38 UTC  

@Foxhound you’re a poor who can’t afford to train, with crippled knees, it’s in your best interest to pray that the boogaloo never comes upon us.

2019-07-22 22:20:22 UTC  

Lmao, one knee is messed up. And if I die I die. I made peace with that a while ago. And nationalism is a code word for racism? Pride in your country is racist? Man thats some fucked up thinking.

2019-07-22 22:20:37 UTC  

@AKAlexei that's what I thought you would say, I was merely curious.

2019-07-22 22:21:40 UTC  

So being proud to be British or American is racist now. Thats some funny shit. Sorry some of us would like to actually have people loyal to the countries we live in lmao. Even communists have pride in where they are.

2019-07-22 22:22:44 UTC  

Nationalism isn’t just pride in ones country, it’s also hating those different from you, which you’ve already shown to be the case. Pretending to be stoic doesn’t some how make your lack of training or crippled status any different from what it is.

2019-07-22 22:23:24 UTC  

I mean don't get me wrong, there are fringe groups that believe pedophilia is a sexuality, that you should have to date transgender people and have sex with you if you demand it but the media hypes those people up to make it look like all of us are like that but we're really not. The mass majority of us just wanna be able to marry who we want and not be harassed by douchebags

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You were saying?

2019-07-22 22:23:55 UTC  

*have sex with them if they demand it

2019-07-22 22:24:00 UTC  

The definition of nationalism isn’t bad, but how fascists in particularly portray is racist.

2019-07-22 22:24:06 UTC  

How does having a messed up knee make me a poor though? Out of curiosity.

2019-07-22 22:24:29 UTC  

If anything I'm the poorfag here, I run nothing but slavshit milsurp weapons and gear

2019-07-22 22:24:32 UTC  

You literally said you can’t afford to train early in chat

2019-07-22 22:25:27 UTC  

Gonna be buying an AR soon tho

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I thought people expecting the boogaloo were beyond petty squabble.

2019-07-22 22:26:02 UTC  

Like doesn’t it put shit into perspective?

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2019-07-22 22:26:28 UTC  

Unless y’all are just memeing or larping

2019-07-22 22:27:04 UTC  

Prove your ideology through might in the boogaloo.