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Kid fought dirty

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Knee hasn't been the same since

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Never forget

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Anyone know what this symbol is called? Cant for the life of me remember

2019-07-22 21:25:18 UTC  

It's something that makes me want to drink

2019-07-22 21:25:21 UTC  

That's what it is

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Figured it out. Ty.

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These two make me want to OD on rat poison

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It’s Roman

2019-07-22 21:54:06 UTC  

Fasces I think

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Symbol of power, essentially showing you have the power to carry out punshiments of the law, Atleast that’s what I remember from when I studied the romans

2019-07-22 21:57:48 UTC  

I find the tennants of fascism quite interesting. The symbols use in that meme was quite ironic. Considering communists locked up more people than the nazi's or fascists

2019-07-22 21:59:03 UTC  

@Foxhound you’ve gotta be more careful sparing, I’m doing kick boxing currently. Keeping your knees bent can help mitigate damage because they are more likely to fold. I’ve taken a couple good impacts to my knees in real fights and haven’t had lasting damage but I’ve also been relatively lucky!

2019-07-22 21:59:12 UTC  

Death to fascist, and commies

2019-07-22 22:00:28 UTC  

*Laughs in Fascist*

2019-07-22 22:00:55 UTC  

*disgust intensifies.

2019-07-22 22:01:47 UTC  

*not caring intensifies*

2019-07-22 22:02:45 UTC  

Look m8 I'm completely confortable with my beliefs, nationalistic and fascist both. People being disgusted really doesn't matter in the least to me

2019-07-22 22:02:53 UTC  

The world is a better place now

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Very cool Kanye, thank you.

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Since we're just being childish now @moses

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Amusing. Enjoy your delusions. Can you even explain what you don't like about Fascism or are you just another "FaScIsT bAd"

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@AKAlexei whats your opinion on this?

2019-07-22 22:15:39 UTC  

Strong nationalism is essentially a code word for rasicm now. I also don’t enjoy authoritative rulers, or how just like extreme communism is very commonly based around a iron fisted dictatorship. Both sides of the coin disgust me.

2019-07-22 22:15:58 UTC  

A completely overblown shitty piece of edge lord propaganda that's the equivalent of saying all people with a few conservative values are nazis

2019-07-22 22:16:18 UTC  

As a bisexual person, I can tell you that it's utter nonsense

2019-07-22 22:18:38 UTC  

@Foxhound you’re a poor who can’t afford to train, with crippled knees, it’s in your best interest to pray that the boogaloo never comes upon us.

2019-07-22 22:20:22 UTC  

Lmao, one knee is messed up. And if I die I die. I made peace with that a while ago. And nationalism is a code word for racism? Pride in your country is racist? Man thats some fucked up thinking.