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2019-09-22 20:57:17 UTC  

@CatLoverKid you literally have a fascist and a... I guess I'm a libertarian socialist???... agreeing with each other and telling you the same shit. You've achieved a feat of incredible height. Perhaps you should think about that

2019-09-22 20:57:48 UTC  

I also think I've come a LONG way in my success in life through this system, entirely on my own effort

2019-09-22 20:57:51 UTC  

Risk = potential reward. That's a common theme in universal society.

2019-09-22 20:58:05 UTC  

no risk and no reward?

2019-09-22 20:58:22 UTC  

@AKAlexei and an american republicanist

2019-09-22 20:59:18 UTC  

Which is admirable. But look at how much it's cost you. What if you lose that job? What if you're laid off or fired? What if it turns out to be a total shitshow profession that makes you wanna off yourself every time you open your eyes in the morning and trust me that last one doesn't sound like much but it WILL take its toll over time

2019-09-22 20:59:35 UTC  

If that job of yours suddenly disappears, then what?

2019-09-22 20:59:40 UTC  

You could be in deep shit

2019-09-22 21:00:03 UTC  

Scenario; you lose your job, your income, you can't pay your student debt, and then you start losing everything

2019-09-22 21:00:07 UTC  

if I lose this job or it's not as good as I hoped, then I pivot and look elsewhere. If I have medical issues then that's just my lot in life

2019-09-22 21:00:09 UTC  

Happens constantly in the US

2019-09-22 21:00:22 UTC  

I can also start my own company

2019-09-22 21:00:30 UTC  

@CatLoverKid to say what you just said about medical issues says a lot about your medical history

2019-09-22 21:00:32 UTC  

And what of the people that fail because this system has forced them into corners? What of them? What of the 22 year old medical student that ate a bullet because he couldn't afford the loans and saw no hope? What about the people forgotten by the system? What about the veterans abandoned by the system? What about the thousands of homeless people with no hope? What of them?

And when the planet finally collapses under our feet because we have raped Gaia into oblivion? Perhaps your beloved "System" will save you then.

2019-09-22 21:00:56 UTC  

@CatLoverKid not a guarantee you'll succeed

2019-09-22 21:01:11 UTC  

not helping veterans is a failure by the state I agree that we need to do more to help them

2019-09-22 21:01:42 UTC  

What about the 22 y/o who has literally lost 95% of his personal possessions and now has to join the Marines in order to ever have a chance at a future beyond working a minimum wage job because no one will hire him he could only ever dream of possessing enough capital to start a business on his own?

2019-09-22 21:02:27 UTC  

There's lots of other routes they could have taken than the marines, but it's a perfectly fine route to take

2019-09-22 21:03:09 UTC  

Yeah not really, those routes were closed to me the day we were slapped with a tax bill the size of Ron Jeremy's dick and were struggling to even buy food

2019-09-22 21:03:38 UTC  

And who was responsible for that? Oh that's right, the current administration that is helping to continue the current system

2019-09-22 21:03:38 UTC  

you didn't want to go to trade school? or community college?

2019-09-22 21:03:44 UTC  

or any other route to acquiring a trade?

2019-09-22 21:03:45 UTC  

@CatLoverKid tried both

2019-09-22 21:03:49 UTC  

I mean. Considering 20% of small buisiness fail year one. 50 % fail in year five. That ain't a great option in general or for someone down on their luck

2019-09-22 21:03:50 UTC  

why did those fail?

2019-09-22 21:04:10 UTC  

Couldn't afford trade school, and was legally barred from taking out more loans even for community college prices

2019-09-22 21:04:44 UTC  

you didn't apply for student aid or ANY loans????

2019-09-22 21:04:48 UTC  

that seems unlikely

2019-09-22 21:04:51 UTC  

And what do the 21 year old that attended college against all odds, ended up finishing but is drowning in bills? That degree sure did a whole lot.

2019-09-22 21:04:51 UTC  

I did

2019-09-22 21:05:00 UTC  

I said that I'm legally barred from taking out anymore loans

2019-09-22 21:05:04 UTC  

You arent guaranteed approval on student loans or aide

2019-09-22 21:05:12 UTC  

No you're not

2019-09-22 21:05:15 UTC  

That's the loe

2019-09-22 21:05:17 UTC  


2019-09-22 21:05:34 UTC  

They claim that you're guaranteed the loans

2019-09-22 21:05:39 UTC  

And you're really not

2019-09-22 21:05:54 UTC  

Deaths head is right

2019-09-22 21:05:54 UTC  

And before you start the "oh yes you are" kid. My mother works for a college. She sees the bullshit first hand.

2019-09-22 21:05:56 UTC  

damn, I think that's not fair.

2019-09-22 21:06:07 UTC  

I think that fed gov't should provide unsub loans