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2019-11-08 01:04:40 UTC  

also imma be hobbling around this weekend becase i beat my fucking legs today while lifting

2019-11-08 01:05:01 UTC

2019-11-08 01:09:34 UTC  

me having taken enough Lucy to merge my mind with the universal laws of nature,stunting into a firefight with my fire damage enchanted short bus

2019-11-08 01:09:36 UTC

2019-11-08 01:10:58 UTC  
2019-11-08 01:11:10 UTC

2019-11-08 01:14:05 UTC  

10/10 stabs and shoots

2019-11-08 01:17:34 UTC  

Seems legit

2019-11-08 01:18:02 UTC  

Is... is that fucking masking tape?

2019-11-08 01:18:40 UTC  

He... holy fuck, he fucking used masking tape to attach a fore grip as a pistol grip, a rail guard from an AK, and a makeshift bayonet

2019-11-08 01:18:51 UTC  

That's peak eastern european engineering

2019-11-08 01:19:13 UTC  

And the best thing about it is since that's a papasha, that bitch'll still run

2019-11-08 01:19:25 UTC  

This deserves a gopnik award

2019-11-08 01:23:18 UTC  

i love a good mashed together weapon

2019-11-08 01:25:10 UTC  

Slavs are fucking orks

2019-11-08 01:25:17 UTC  

Can't change my mind

2019-11-08 01:27:35 UTC  

You're not wrong merc

2019-11-08 02:20:14 UTC  

Wait the wave is going corporate? When do we start the hostile takeovers?

2019-11-08 02:20:35 UTC  

As soon as we build our private military

2019-11-08 02:20:35 UTC  

lmfao jesus fuck

2019-11-08 02:21:00 UTC  

If you think about it, that's some serious cyberpunk shit

2019-11-08 02:21:20 UTC  

Private corporate armies that do hostile takeovers in the streets with guns and shit

2019-11-08 02:21:46 UTC  

I'm down for it, where's my cybernetic implants? I wanna robo dick and an arm that shoots 40mm grenades

2019-11-08 02:23:00 UTC  

I'm down with cyberpunk

2019-11-08 02:24:04 UTC  


2019-11-08 02:24:11 UTC  

or is it Shadowrun

2019-11-08 02:24:14 UTC  

Cybernetically enhanced Patriotwave boog bois and goons using our robo dicks to fuck the government in the ass while using bitcoin to buy all of our arms, munitions, and sex dolls that we air drop on the enemy for psyops reasons

2019-11-08 02:24:16 UTC  

iunno man rn im dummy lit

2019-11-08 02:24:32 UTC  

Deus Ex Time

2019-11-08 02:24:36 UTC  

what's on the go, King?

2019-11-08 02:24:49 UTC  


2019-11-08 02:24:57 UTC  

watch this bois

2019-11-08 02:25:19 UTC  

Real talk, the og Deus Ex was on some woke shit

2019-11-08 02:25:49 UTC  

So I got a new cat tree...

2019-11-08 02:25:53 UTC  

I really like HR

2019-11-08 02:25:55 UTC

2019-11-08 02:25:59 UTC  

This fucker is massive

2019-11-08 02:26:02 UTC