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2018-02-12 17:54:50 UTC  

Yeah I saw that on FB. That long ass story was fake as fuck. I'm going to file it under shit that never happened somewhere between we wuz kangz and muh 6 million

2018-02-12 17:55:47 UTC  

Meeting Somone like that is on my bucket list tbh

2018-02-12 17:56:08 UTC  

"Fuck the alt right" I'm alt right, what you gonna do pussy?

2018-02-12 17:56:51 UTC  

Boomers never had a back bone, it's why they let their country slip out of their hands

2018-02-12 18:00:51 UTC

2018-02-12 18:01:22 UTC  

We could really fuck with mayor (((weinberger))) with this

2018-02-12 18:01:57 UTC  

Because in the article he was quoted as saying he supports the counter protesters and they support what makes America great blah blah blah

2018-02-12 18:02:14 UTC  

When they are literally ISO chanting "no borders, no nation"

2018-02-12 18:02:34 UTC  

Make the left disavow their extremists

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2018-02-12 18:08:10 UTC  

At the begging of this weeks episode of Action Heimbach brags about his guys spray panting "1488" and "Heil Heimbach" onto a public statue

2018-02-12 18:08:39 UTC  

TWP is reaching Atomwaffen levels of sabotaging the movement

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2018-02-12 18:09:32 UTC  

I can't respect a fattie

2018-02-12 18:10:03 UTC

2018-02-12 18:10:29 UTC  

True leader of the alt right

2018-02-12 18:12:11 UTC  

I think it's pretty clear twp has feds

2018-02-12 18:13:15 UTC  

I genuinely don't feel any kinship with them

2018-02-12 18:13:30 UTC  

I would if they didn't constantly publicly counter signal us

2018-02-12 18:13:54 UTC  

The one twp I've met has failed to show to camping trips several times because he was to hungover.

2018-02-12 18:13:57 UTC  

Very trad

2018-02-12 18:14:14 UTC  

Also "commander" Davis is really fucking weird.

2018-02-12 18:14:14 UTC  

Trad life

2018-02-12 18:14:49 UTC  

Yea idk if you've seen his old FB profile pictures....

2018-02-12 18:15:00 UTC  

He likes to feel pretty

2018-02-12 18:15:14 UTC  

Sat next to him on the metro for Kate steinle, never been so uncomfortable in my life.

2018-02-12 18:15:45 UTC  

I don't counter signals people's past because the vast majority of us come from the Jewish grip, but at least delete the weird shit from your past

2018-02-12 18:15:58 UTC  

Tony Hovarter is kinda cool I guess, twp leadership is just a bunch of social rejects

2018-02-12 18:16:28 UTC  

Really good bit in public drama

2018-02-12 18:16:45 UTC  

The alt right is going through growing pains right now. The outcasts are mad that we're trying to capture the normies.

2018-02-12 18:17:37 UTC  

Convincing all the conservative normies that the JQ is real is far more important than making some spergs happy.

2018-02-12 18:18:10 UTC  

I feel like were getting awfully close to A. wyatt man posting

2018-02-12 18:18:14 UTC  

^hot take, they're mad because we're trying to appeal to the folks that they've been getting shat on since highschool.

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2018-02-12 18:19:07 UTC  

Normies are more important than esoteric Hitler faggots

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2018-02-12 18:19:18 UTC  

A bunch of us are fucking normies aside from being white nationalists

2018-02-12 18:19:33 UTC  

I lead a double life.