Message from Lukas - NC in Charlottesville 2.0 #carolinas

2017-07-04 23:51:48 UTC  

Descending upon a public location might be the best bet, or simply going to another venue for the party. We shall certainly have festivities throughout the weekend at our house, but inviting the whole events worth of individuals, many of whom are not vetted, to our house full of our things, is unwise.

2017-07-04 23:52:19 UTC  

I agree with this completely

2017-07-05 01:54:22 UTC  

I'm assuming Kessler wasn't talking open to everyone.

2017-07-11 00:47:50 UTC  

@here The Carolinas have been asked to participate in a defensive shield action for the event, who all will have shields?

2017-07-11 01:16:29 UTC  

the hate van will come stocked with some shields from the TWP goys

2017-07-11 01:16:55 UTC  

everyone and their mother will need helmets for this. (keep ur women at home tho)

2017-07-11 01:52:01 UTC  

@O.W. von Diez It seems like I remember hearing that @bainbjorn had something to do with supplying shields for Pikeville.

2017-07-11 02:00:08 UTC  

He did, but he's not for C-ville as far as I know.

2017-07-11 02:22:15 UTC  

Hmm. @JCAdams Good to hear.

2017-07-11 21:00:28 UTC  

I'm speaking at a small gathering in eastern NC tonight. Anyone who is in the area and would like to attend let me know via DM and we can work out details.

2017-07-11 23:41:39 UTC  

Can someone from NC represent SC as well in the voice meeting for leaders? I can't make it.

2017-07-11 23:42:08 UTC  

We need one of us staying at the house to be in-the-know.

2017-07-11 23:58:10 UTC  

@SCnazi I believe @O.W. von Diez will be in the meeting

2017-07-12 00:01:52 UTC  

@SCnazi I've got you.

2017-07-12 02:14:19 UTC  

@SCnazi DM me please for details.

2017-07-12 02:22:25 UTC  

@O.W. von Diez Just sent you my $80

2017-07-12 02:53:07 UTC  

@AnotherbasedGoy DM me the email you used please so that I may confirm.

2017-07-12 03:06:59 UTC  

Am I going to need to acquire a shield and helmet? I have a very non-standard sized head (8 1/2)

2017-07-12 03:46:05 UTC  

Perhaps, @Mack Albion There may be shields available, as stated, but it would be wise to bring your own fitted gear. A shield will only cost about 60$ in materials to make.

2017-07-12 16:42:06 UTC  

@everyone (carolinas only) ... Anyone interested in renting a large passenger van for the weekend? We have 7+ of us coming up from SC. I hear there are 12 from the Charlotte area. We could carpool from SC and meet up with y'all and rent a van in Charlotte. It's a 5-hour drive from there to C'ville. I'd be pumped about the ROADTRIP BANTZZZZ!!!!!!! We could pick up anyone else who wants to chip in at any points along the way, which could include Concord, Kannapolis, Salisbury, Lexington (NC), Greensboro, Thomasville, High Point, Greensboro, Reidsville, etc. Alternately, if the demands are high for Winston-Salem, it would only be a 17-minute detour to bypass High Point. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll look into to what it would cost us.

2017-07-12 17:06:02 UTC  

@O.W. von Diez what's our plan with carpooling from NC?

2017-07-12 17:22:28 UTC  

An army surplus store in Randolph county sells riot shields for $50 for anyone interested, Im gonna go snag one later probably

2017-07-12 17:24:05 UTC  

@O.W. von Diez I'm bringing a friend of mine and we'd both be down for this shield action sir

2017-07-12 17:31:10 UTC  

@SCnazi I am in for renting a van.

2017-07-12 21:01:41 UTC  

@everyone (carolinas only) ... This van's capacity is 15 people. Link below. I'm guessing we could only fit 12, since some room will be taken up by bags, gear, etc. If you split it 12 ways, that's a pretty sweet ride for only $29.88/person. I don't have a hard time at all spending $15 more if we only get 8 of us who are interested. So, I'd say we're a GO if we get 8 or more, and up to 12. The rate for 8 would be $44.82; 9 = 39.84; 10 = 35.86; 11 = 32.60; 12 = 29.88. Click the 🚌 emoji below if you are IN. BTW- I've noticed a lot of other groups doing this sort of thing too. Also, this would be for leaving on Fri 8/11 and returning on Sun 8/13. Ok... Also, about this [email protected] The cutoff date for commitments to me will be Aug. 3. Then I'll tell you the exact amount to send based on the number of participants. Three days is prob ambitious, but I trust y'all to send whatever the final total will be by the end of the day on Aug. 6.

2017-07-12 22:21:58 UTC  

Sorry gentlemen, for some reason I never got these updates.
@Lukas - NC I'm taking an SUV that can hold 5 with gear.
@Shoah Shekelstein If you are not staying at the house, I can give you the address of the place to do drills with us for shields.
@SCnazi I believe has states that he is taking care of SC transportation.
@Tyrone Has ideas for transportation and is working on those for the actual event itself I believe. I'm going to look into van rentals this week for NC if it is needed. Most people seem to be taking different routes or cannot stay the entire weekend so a single mode of transport is not conducive as of yet, but we shall have it down as to how everyone will be getting there.

2017-07-13 00:42:56 UTC  

Informational will be forthcoming on this, but the event organizers are going to have shuttles to get people to the event.

2017-07-13 00:51:40 UTC  

@Wade Garrett Is this separate from what we discussed in the meeting yesterday?

2017-07-13 02:10:45 UTC  

Ok, the lodging is closed for new additions. Unless you have already spoken to me and are waiting to send payment, we are full as of now. @here

2017-07-13 02:25:37 UTC  

@O.W. von Diez No. I may be confused as to what you're discussing.

2017-07-13 03:04:51 UTC  

@O.W. von Diez what about pitching a tent. I'm just a poor white goy. Maybe riding with @SCnazi

2017-07-13 03:57:29 UTC  

@ihateu2 I believe @SCnazi Confirmed 5 people in his group that were staying at the house, I have taken that into account.

2017-07-13 04:58:20 UTC  

@O.W. von Diez I'll touch base with my guys. Some of them started paying you on their own. Others hadn't.

2017-07-13 05:00:45 UTC  

Ok, I think I have a few of yours that have specifically stated so, but yes, please get me a full list sir. Wouldn't want anyone to slip through the cracks

2017-07-13 05:04:47 UTC  

working on it. It will take prob 18 hrs.

2017-07-13 06:34:38 UTC  

Take your time sir.

2017-07-13 21:37:41 UTC  

In case anyone was wondering, SC CCP is good in NC and VA

2017-07-13 21:39:05 UTC  

I know we won't be packing at the event

2017-07-13 21:39:12 UTC  


2017-07-13 21:41:57 UTC  

Speak for yourself tbh

2017-07-13 21:43:22 UTC  

Yeah afaik I remember it basically being decided that CC will be a don't ask don't tell type situation