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2017-06-16 20:18:52 UTC  

This will be more similar to Berkeley in size"scope

2017-06-16 20:19:18 UTC  

Since its summer all the shit heel leftists possible will be bussing in

2017-06-16 20:19:36 UTC  

DC, Baltimore, Philly, Pittsburgh

2017-06-16 20:19:37 UTC  

Do we have access to a bus or other high occupancy vehicle to shuttle our people in with?

2017-06-16 20:20:13 UTC  

Someone who is local could look for bus rentals, maybe the company that does the schoolbusses

2017-06-16 20:20:32 UTC  

We will have at least one guy with a CDL in attendance @Heinz - MI

2017-06-16 20:21:48 UTC  

@everyone We need access to busses, vans and other high occupancy vehicles to shuttle in our people from parking lots. Please contact me ASAP if you have access to such a vehicle.

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2017-06-16 20:23:14 UTC  

I mentioned before it wouldn't be a bad idea to check with UVA about renting busses for shuttling. They do private events and this one is before school is back in session.

2017-06-16 20:24:11 UTC  

Could you or someone else who is local check with them?

2017-06-16 20:25:46 UTC  

I'm NOT counter signaling. I respect that attire has been set.
That said:
If everyone spent 25 bucks or less and showed up in UVA hats and shirts, it would be really funny

2017-06-16 20:26:30 UTC  

that's actually a good idea, but for plainclothes spotters set up a block or so away in each direction with radios to the security team

2017-06-16 20:26:48 UTC  

have them look like normie locals

2017-06-16 20:27:55 UTC  

That's in the realm of things for the security team. Glad you like the concept.

2017-06-16 20:28:21 UTC  

We could discuss this there but the channel appears to have been shoahed

2017-06-16 20:28:37 UTC  

@Hand Banana you were in Charlottesville 1?

2017-06-16 20:28:48 UTC  

using uva's shuttle system is a good thought, I didn't know they did private events but every time I've ever been to sports shit at john paul jones arena they're always really efficient on transporting a huge number of people to a from their parking lots. I wonder who to contact about that

2017-06-16 20:29:20 UTC  

Yes I was

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2017-06-16 20:32:05 UTC  

@MadDimension let me know if you'd like me to check on any of these options.

2017-06-16 20:32:27 UTC  

Renting a bus is going to be hella expensive. We'd do better directing people to public transportation or finding someone on our side who owns one

2017-06-16 20:33:01 UTC  

@MadDimension could rent uhaul vans

2017-06-16 20:33:19 UTC  

Posted it in another channel.

2017-06-16 20:33:23 UTC  

I want people to be able to get to the event as quickly and worry-free as possible. If they're delayed by parking logistics they might have to walk through a wall of protestors to get to the event

2017-06-16 20:34:30 UTC  

@Goldstein Riots How would that work? Pile people into the back of a moving truck like Mexicans crossing the border?

2017-06-16 20:34:55 UTC  

Either start crowdfunding for renting a bus from UVA or crowdfunding for renting Uhaul vans

2017-06-16 20:34:58 UTC  

or whatever

2017-06-16 20:34:59 UTC  

City trolley also does private stuff/ a day of passenger vans from enterprise/ etc. it really depends on how many people you're efficiently trying to move. A few phone calls and o could get an idea of pricing.

2017-06-16 20:35:15 UTC  

but shuttling really is our only option here

2017-06-16 20:35:23 UTC  

@PrimitveXaoc Check the pricing

2017-06-16 20:35:41 UTC  

Public Transpo would be an issue, especially if antifa is thinking the same thing

2017-06-16 20:38:45 UTC  

Have a guess on the number of people? I'll get all of the options together and prepare a comparison. I *think* the city and county also do busses for rent as well. I'll look in to every possibility first thing next week.

2017-06-16 20:42:45 UTC  

I don't really know. Just see what pricing options they have

2017-06-16 20:43:52 UTC  

@MadDimension pretty much. We wouldn't be traveling far after all. And the vans are basically passenger vans without seats.

2017-06-16 20:44:04 UTC  

Here is a general mockup of what the general security plan should be. Our perimeter should be the entire park. The blue lines on the North and South sidewalks should be our guys in a tight line. Green should be Alt-Lite cucks loosely spaced. After that, we have a tight perimeter of the hard core of the alt-right in a shield wall around the statue, surrounding the VIPs. Plain clothes spotters should be on the street corners with radios or cell phones, looking for any antifa funny business.

2017-06-16 20:44:31 UTC  

@Goldstein Riots They also have these

2017-06-16 20:44:39 UTC  

Having a hard line out in the very front with loosely spaced guys behind them will allow for a quick response to wherever we need it. If they get pushed back, they won't get through the guys around the statue.

2017-06-16 20:45:11 UTC  

We're gonna fill that entire park

2017-06-16 20:45:32 UTC  

Just take your Super Male Vitality that morning, you'll be fine.