Message from Fyodor in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-08-01 19:33:00 UTC  

After someone takes care of the open dyke problem

2017-08-01 19:33:18 UTC  

Sammiches are love, love is a sammich

2017-08-01 19:33:34 UTC  

We need a final solution to the dyke question.

2017-08-01 19:33:41 UTC  

White space marine rape gangs?

2017-08-01 19:34:48 UTC  

I'm very curious what the policy is. So no Swazis or KKK, but yes to open Dykes?

2017-08-01 19:35:21 UTC  

Is this Unite the Right or Cuck the Right?

2017-08-01 19:35:25 UTC  

Wait no swazis? What about my face tattoo?

2017-08-01 19:35:25 UTC  


2017-08-01 19:35:46 UTC  

You have to cover it up @Gustavschwer-OH , unless you are openly faggot

2017-08-01 19:36:08 UTC  


2017-08-01 19:36:32 UTC  

@Gustavschwer-OH Dermablend

2017-08-01 19:37:07 UTC  

@Gustavschwer-OH is an open faggit he's good to go with his samoan swastika aesthetic

2017-08-01 19:37:31 UTC  

Maybe the antifa won't even attack us when they realize how open minded we are about homosexuals

2017-08-01 19:37:44 UTC  

Good point @Fevs

2017-08-01 19:37:52 UTC  

Maybe the boomers will like us too!

2017-08-01 19:38:04 UTC  

Let's disavow racism too

2017-08-01 19:38:08 UTC  

We have our very own based race traitor in a maga hat!

2017-08-01 19:38:22 UTC  

And welcome jews

2017-08-01 19:38:33 UTC  

ZOG is going to throw everything at this event. 1000 nigger pastors and their cuckboi white ministers, 2000 Antifa, 3%ers and countersignallers. We will be dwarfed if we don't get at least 1000 to show up.

2017-08-01 19:39:09 UTC  

@Gustavschwer-OH. Don't you know goy, jews are natural conservatives and right wingers.

2017-08-01 19:39:09 UTC  

I'm sure a lot more right wingers will show up when they find out about our b a s e d lesbian

2017-08-01 19:39:30 UTC  

Our greatest ally @TheFash

2017-08-01 19:39:44 UTC  

O Jesus Christ Guys. We are nowhere Near the points where we can start parsing out every detail, and debating And arguing and punching right . Right now the only uniting factor , to be considered alt-right is the 14 words. If a person actively fights for that, it's good enough for me. For now. We can work out the details after some more victories. Just my opinion.

2017-08-01 19:39:54 UTC  

Since racial problems are based on socioeconomic issues and not on genetics, lets try to start expanding to allow rich blacks!

2017-08-01 19:40:08 UTC  


2017-08-01 19:40:08 UTC  

Most of us here are clearly punching to the left.

2017-08-01 19:40:11 UTC  

I am so far right it would be impossible for me to punch right.

2017-08-01 19:40:22 UTC  

@the dyke. Please just STFU and come as a white person instead of as a homo. There are plenty of rainbow homo rallies. Keep it to yourself

2017-08-01 19:40:52 UTC  

The thing is @The Goy Scout being homosexual is being inherently ANTI 14 words

2017-08-01 19:40:57 UTC  

@The Goy Scout choosing to be a dyke prevents you from progressing the 14 words. It actively works towards white genocide

2017-08-01 19:41:42 UTC  

You know what I mean. The infighting in general. Not calling out anyone specifically. Let's just move forward with the 12th as a united front

2017-08-01 19:41:48 UTC  

Advertising said dykedom is what the problem is. I doubt people would care if she kept it to herself

2017-08-01 19:42:11 UTC  

I'll bring a car battery. We can give her therapy.

2017-08-01 19:42:15 UTC  

I have yet to see anyone defend the dyke, so I wouldn't exactly call this infighting

2017-08-01 19:42:18 UTC  

Wrong answer. Infighting isn't a bad thing. It weeds out the imposters and weak.

2017-08-01 19:42:28 UTC

2017-08-01 19:42:35 UTC  

There is no infighting going on right now. We are just rightfully bantzing a dyke.

2017-08-01 19:42:36 UTC  

People who fear infighting are just afraid to question the status quo

2017-08-01 19:42:53 UTC  

Infighting would mean she was one of us

2017-08-01 19:43:08 UTC  

We're just shit talking an irrelevant degenerate

2017-08-01 19:43:10 UTC  

Though Hieromancer has a great point.