Message from Tyrone in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-08-10 20:27:08 UTC  

I'm thinking we should definitely have some folks on the street corners outside the park with banners, flags, and signs

2017-08-10 20:27:15 UTC  

make it look so big that it spilled out of the park

2017-08-10 20:27:31 UTC  

^I'm thinking we have some folks on the corners as SS officers on the look out for Antifa.

2017-08-10 20:27:31 UTC  

Do we have a decided route into the area yet? Obviously do not share specifics.

2017-08-10 20:29:31 UTC  

Hey guys, which night is the torch march?

2017-08-10 20:30:28 UTC  

why is your name (hapa spy)

2017-08-10 20:30:31 UTC  

>telling a hapa spy

2017-08-10 20:30:40 UTC  

Only infiltrators ask that.

2017-08-10 20:30:43 UTC  

It's on saturday

2017-08-10 20:30:43 UTC  

Trust me I'm a spy

2017-08-10 20:30:45 UTC  
2017-08-10 20:30:45 UTC  

Are you spying on us or spying on others for us?

2017-08-10 20:30:53 UTC  


2017-08-10 20:31:00 UTC  


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2017-08-10 20:31:24 UTC  

A spy isn't going to come in using West as a last name much less hapa spy.

2017-08-10 20:31:33 UTC  

But genuinely you should already know when it is.

2017-08-10 20:31:44 UTC  

I tried searching for the term

2017-08-10 20:31:52 UTC  

Figured id just ask

2017-08-10 20:31:54 UTC  

L2 discord

2017-08-10 20:32:04 UTC  

@Lawrence - TX no one has thought of that at all. We should get some people to start planning some of this

2017-08-10 20:32:04 UTC  

Forgive my lack of agency

2017-08-10 20:32:12 UTC  

It's something they'd announce probably..

2017-08-10 20:32:55 UTC  

@Tyrone didn't know if we knew about the road blocks beforehand, my bad man

2017-08-10 20:33:24 UTC  

I strongly do not reccomend IE placing banners outside of the shield wall nor people posted on the corners of the park unles they have a death wish

2017-08-10 20:34:41 UTC  

For real. Stick with the group. We're going to be big enough without resorting to tricks and putting people in harms way to make us look bigger.

2017-08-10 20:35:24 UTC  

Has anyone made security plans? I heard there might be people who don't want us there.

2017-08-10 20:36:01 UTC  

Idk, that's a good idea

2017-08-10 20:36:17 UTC  

We should have some guys like, help keep people safe

2017-08-10 20:36:17 UTC  

@Lawrence - TX lol It sounded like "hey is anyone made any plans?

2017-08-10 20:36:23 UTC  

we haven't had a security volunteer voice in like a week

2017-08-10 20:36:31 UTC  

unless I missed it somehow.

2017-08-10 20:36:40 UTC  

@Gavius Corvus that's a good idea?

2017-08-10 20:37:21 UTC  

@Tyrone maybe. I'm not sure tbh

2017-08-10 20:37:29 UTC  

@Tyrone sorry for the confusion. Just didn't know if the roadblocks had changed our initial plans. I've got a group of around 30, trying to figure out if we can walk in or if we'll have to get to the shuttles

2017-08-10 20:37:46 UTC  

Well that's good. Police are anticipating us using Lee Park and are cooperating as promised

2017-08-10 20:37:52 UTC  


2017-08-10 20:38:09 UTC  

They know we aren't going to no fucking McIntire park

2017-08-10 20:38:10 UTC  

according to the map how do we get there?

2017-08-10 20:38:35 UTC  

dont let these pictures make you assume anything