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I don't know who jon is or what NM stands for

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@Hand Banana We can't judge you when even high leaders of the alt-right like Mike Enoch have fallen for the Khazar milkers.

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@Hand Banana To be fair to you, it does say something about the disgenic state of affairs we find ourselves in that white girls wont say shit because it's evil to be anti-PC, but a half kikess, possibly because at least one parent knows that our culture is causing us to turn to shit, will talk enough truth to be alluring.

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New Mexico. It was an event he posted that when you googled lead you to a parking lot in the middle of the dessert (in reality its a taco place now).

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I lold so hard.

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and no it wasn't you considering the color, one of the detroit guys.

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>can't handle a metaphorical noogie
>expects to be able to handle a literal race war
This is like a fraternity; brothers hazing each other is to be expected and even appreciated!

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At the same time, I do appreciate the seriousness of this server. Dedicated, sincere guys. The memes are great in the alt-right, but, at some point, serious action must be taken. So happy to be a part of it.

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10th prestige lobby

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>hey I'm not in the mood for bantz
>several hours later
Wow I didn't realize you had crippling autism @Tyrone

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It's literally debilitating sometimes.

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And I was trying to extend an olive branch

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I can't decide if I should call you a faggot or not.

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You can call me whatever you want

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You two need a hug.

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Spend your time doxxing Antifa/infiltrating groups not doing this.

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Make your gril a mix tape. etc.

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@Tyrone you owe him an apology.

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Again until then help everyone secure this event and figure things out.

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No infighting we have thousands of scumbag antifa and cultural marxists to destroy

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In a figurative sense........

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Tolerating inane nonsense or not is a rather seperate issue from fighting.a race war. What supposed behavior was the insult to a down and out guy supposed to correct? Not magically knowing who is a half jew or not? Its not even so much the banter itself, its that the reasoning was forced and awkward and makes me question how much of the autism memes are joking.

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I feel like half the alt right were locked in a closet until the age of 18 and then tried to learn how to socialize and be an alpha male by watching American Pie and reading heartiste.

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That may not be too far off tbh

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Maybe minus American Pie

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Tfw I grew up oven middle class suburban yet my charisma is Damn near hitler tier compared to most of the stiff awkward fucks Ive met through this thing.

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One of the first rules:
Never Apologize.

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We're Not Sorry.

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I mean, that's a large part of what we're fighting against, the failure of these past generations to maintain and teach their children how to be men and women, and the Jewish zeitgeist failing our young men especially. A lot of our people came to the movement because they witnessed these failures first hand.

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Yeah, its a mess alright.

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So, yes, a lot of young men had no one to teach them how to be men, were children of single mothers, and had to try to learn from other sources.

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And a lot of us came to this movement because we saw how soft our peers are becoming and knew no one else was going to correct this if we didn't step up.

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Muh bootstraps

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@Tyrone and that's a great thing. We should all strive to help one another improve to become the best versions of us. "Rich or poor, each one must help thinking, there's someone even poorer than I am, and I want to help them as a fellow countryman." AH. Reaching out a hand to help is not weakness.

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@Aaron - VA She looks like a celebrity, but I can't remember their name